No New Blacklist This Week, Watch The Trailer For The Next Episode

Warning: Spoilers for the latest episode of The Blacklist Season 6, "The Pawnbrokers (#131)" lie ahead.

The bad news for Blacklist fans is there is no new episode this week. The good news is that there is a promo for the next new episode. To say that it has major implications for Red and Liz would be an understatement. Check out the potentially game-changing teaser below:

Liz better brace herself because NBC has titled The Blacklist promo with a significant tease: “Red Is Closing In.” That does not sound good for Liz and her cache of Season 6 secrets. If Liz is not able to pull off some last-minute trick, it is game over.

Let’s face it, hearing the recording is only confirmation for Red. It is highly likely he already suspects the truth. No matter his affection for Liz, his survival has relied on how well he can read people. Liz is no different.

The recording is not the only plot at play in “Alter Ego.” The episode will be steeped in courtroom drama, as Red will argue that the validity of his immunity agreement should be upheld. Red’s courtroom antics and terrific performance as his own legal representative in Episode 3 made for a delightful installment. Episode 5's should be just as entertaining!

Elsewhere, Liz and the Task Force will have to question a man whose recent inheritance draws the suspicion it is “too good to be true.” In a heartwarming aspect of the plot synopsis, it says that Dembe will offer Red some advice. Here is hoping Red takes it!

A promo for next week’s episode is not all NBC has revealed about the fifth episode of Season 6. The network has also released some pictures. Interestingly, all of them take place in jail. Specifically, Red’s cell. Take a look:

The Blacklist Red James Spader Liz Megan Boone NBC

(Image credit: Will Hart/SONY/NBC)

In The Blacklist picture above, Liz can be seen visiting Red. One of the things that makes this promo image stand out is Liz’s expression. It is hard to read what she is feeling here. Is it guilt? Concern for Red? Or fear that he is on the verge of learning the truth? Or all of the above? Fans should find out soon.

The Blacklist Elizabeth Liz Keen Megan Boone NBC

(Image credit: Will Hart/SONY/NBC)

This next Liz picture shows her looking slightly more panicked. Is she arguing with Red to accept his fate and go to prison? Or is she pleading with him to forgive her? Could this be Liz’s reaction to being found out? “Alter Ego” will have the answers. Let’s leave off on a good note, where the promo images are concerned.

The Blacklist Red James Spader Dembe Hisham Tawfiq

(Image credit: Will Hart/SONY/NBC)

Red and Dembe! In the previous episode of The Blacklist, Dembe and Red had to get creative when it came to communicating with each other. Now, they get to see each other face-to-face. This picture could be the scene where Dembe gives Red advice. Or the one where Red tells Dembe about the recording.

Find out which scenario it is when The Blacklist returns with its next new episode, Friday, February 1 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The crime drama is among many series reprising their runs with new seasons throughout the midseason.

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