Bones' Emily Deschanel Just Landed Her Next Big TV Gig

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Emily Deschanel is returning to TV. Yes, the Bones actress has signed on for her next big TV gig. Her return will come via an established series, and her run will be significant. Deschanel has boarded TNT’s Animal Kingdom for its fourth season.

The actress will not be doing a guest role in Season 4 either. Emily Deschanel has signed on to star in a “major season-long arc,” per Deadline. Deschanel is set to recur as Angela in Season 4, and the character has deep ties to the Cody family.

Angela is the former best friend of J’s late mom, Julia. Fresh from prison, Angela is a recovering addict when she arrives at the Cody house. Her aim? To make her way back onto the Cody family’s good side.

Angela is described as a “survivor,” whose personality traits include her being “scrappy” and “manipulative.” That last bit does not speak to a particularly glowing review.

Considering her history with the Codys, there is a pre-existing tangled web. Angela used drugs with Julia, which gives Angela a close connection to Pope’s twin sister. That is something Angela will apparently leverage in a bid to seduce him. In turn, Pope may end up being Angela’s only potential supporter.

She is reviled by J, while Smurf is suspicious of her. J may have the best insight into Angela than anyone else. She was his mom’s former best friend. That should give him an edge over his other family members in determining what Angela is up to.

The role sounds like it has a lot of drama attached to it. Whatever J’s dislike for her, it will not be enough to scare Angela away from the show’s story right off the bat. She will be on throughout Season 4.

Based on the character description alone, it sounds like this will be an exciting role for Emily Deschanel. She is leaping back to television in a big way and on a show that approaches crime in a different way than Bones did. Deschanel starred as Temperance “Bones” Brennan for all of Bonestwelve seasons. The crime procedural ended in 2017.

Bones was about catching criminals, whereas Animal Kingdom tells the story from a crime family’s perspective. Hence, her role on the latter series will mark a remarkable change of pace for the actress. So, when can fans expect to see Emily Deschanel make her Animal Kingdom debut?

A premiere date for Animal Kingdom Season 4 has not been set quite yet. Production began last month, per an Instagram post by actor Ben Robson, who plays Craig Cody on the show.

The show has traditionally premiered in the summer. So, it may only be a few months away. When Animal Kingdom does premiere, it will do so on TNT. While you await its return, there are a ton of shows arriving during the midseason.

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