Watch Ian Somerhalder Directing Netflix's V-Wars Ahead Of Vampire Series Debut

Ian Somerhalder has moved on from The Vampire Diaries, but not too far. He's in post-production on his new vampire series V-Wars, ahead of its debut on Netflix later in 2019. (He's not playing a vampire this time, that's his best friend's job.) While playing Damon Salvatore across TVD's run, Somerhalder also directed three episodes of the series. He brought his directing skills to V-Wars, and recently showed off a video clip of his intense directing on set:

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Pace, energy, intensity! Crazy eyes. You're hurting. Each hit fuckin' hurts. Yeah, Ian Somerhalder does look and sound pretty intense. We don't know details on who he's directing, and what's happening in this particular scene, but it's clear he took his directing job very seriously. It's also clear he's excited for fans to see V-Wars, whenever it arrives on Netflix.

Ian Somerhalder plays Dr. Luther Swann on the show, which is based on the anthology series by Jonathan Maberry. Netflix gave V-Wars a straight-to-series order, so we're just waiting on an exact premiere date. Here's more about it, from the official Instagram account of Somerhalder's character:

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V-Wars Season 1 finished filming back in October 2018, so that directing video is from sometime last year. When production did wrap, Ian Somerhalder shared the post below, with his impassioned early pitch for Netflix to bring the show back for Season 2:

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Ian Somerhalder has been a loyal champion for V-Wars, and he has been keeping fans updated, as promised. He's also continued to share throwback photos and nostalgia for The Vampire Diaries, which ended two years ago this month. One recent photo got fans thinking Damon Salvatore might be coming to The CW's Vampire Diaries/The Originals spinoff show Legacies, but that does not seem to be the case.

You know who did recently come to Legacies? Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder's on-screen brother. Wesley didn't revive Stefan Salvatore, that's not going to happen -- beyond sweet references on Legacies -- but Wesley did return to Mystic Falls to direct an episode of the spinoff. His episode of Legacies actually airs Thursday, March 7.

So the Salvatore brothers may have ended their stories (for now, anyway) but they are keeping busy with their respective acting projects and building their directorial resumes.

The Vampire Diaries stars have been all over TV in the past year, and we're looking forward to seeing more. Stay tuned for details, a trailer, and a premiere date for Netflix's V-Wars. It's one of the many shows we're excited to see as the 2019 TV season continues.

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