Legacies' Karen David Just Joined A New TV Show, But What Does That Mean For Emma?

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Karen David hit the small screen this TV season with a role on The CW's latest Vampire Diaries spinoff. She was previously best known for playing a couple of princesses on ABC shows, and Emma on Legacies is no princess. She's been an intriguing addition to the show, but David just landed a new job that raises the question of whether Emma will depart the Salvatore School. She has joined AMC's Fear the Walking Dead as a series regular for Season 5.

Emma is technically only a recurring character at this point, so it would stand to reason that a regular gig on Fear the Walking Dead would get the priority. If Legacies does lose Karen David to the zombie apocalypse, it would mark the second time that an actress left a CW series to move to Fear the Walking Dead. Fans of The 100 certainly haven't forgotten the ordeal of losing Lexa!

Unfortunately, not a whole lot is known about Karen David's character on Fear the Walking Dead, so we can't speculate much based on what she'll be doing on that show. Deadline reports that while Fear the Walking Dead is keeping details about David's role quiet, her character will apparently be named Grace. As a series regular, she may not be called upon to appear in every episode, but she would presumably have a significant presence.

It would be a shame to lose Karen David as Emma on Legacies. As a character created for this spinoff rather than native to The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, Emma has fit into the ensemble quite well, and sparks quickly flew between her and Alaric.

The door seemed shut on a romance between the two of them after Alaric dragged his feet on asking her out and she found somebody else, but they shared a pretty steamy kiss due to some supernatural -- no, not that kind of Supernatural -- complications.

Alaric seems to be carrying a torch for her. If Emma needs to be written out to accommodate Fear the Walking Dead, could this be the latest heartbreak for Alaric? He had it bad enough with Jo and then Caroline. Maybe the third time is the charm?

Prior to Legacies and Fear the Walking Dead, Karen David won fans on the small screen with her performances as Princess Isabella in the quirky musical comedy Galavant, which ran for two delightfully weird seasons, and her work as Princess Jasmine on Once Upon a Time.

Although Legacies isn't a musical like Galavant was, it did give Karen David the chance to sing in a recent episode during Emma and Alaric's karaoke break. Something tells me there won't be any musical numbers for David on Fear the Walking Dead in the upcoming fifth season.

No premiere date has been announced for Fear the Walking Dead Season 5, but if it follows the pattern from the past few seasons, fans can probably expect it back spring or early summer. As for Legacies, you can catch new episodes on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. For some additional viewing options, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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