Supernatural 300th Episode Trailer Reveals Different Versions Of Sam And Dean

The milestone 300th episode of Supernatural is fast-approaching, and it promises to be a wild hour of television, even by Supernatural standards. Will Episode 300 be as key to the series' mythology as Episode 100 or as full of almost impossibly meta original songs like Episode 200? Probably not. But based on what has been revealed about the episode and on the content of the first trailer, the 300th episode won't be one to miss. Take a look at what's to come!

In the 300th episode, called "Lebanon," Sam and Dean will clearly be dealing with some time travel trouble. This certainly won't be the first time that the boys have dabbled in the timeline; this time around, however, it appears that the timeline is catching up to them, and there are already different versions of themselves out there.

Judging by the "Wanted" poster with Dean's "blue steel" mug shot from way back in Season 2, the different Dean is one who breaks the law on a regular basis. Granted, the current Dean also breaks the law on a regular basis and presumably will break the law in "Lebanon," but he does so for the greater good. The same may not be said for different Dean.

As for Sam... well, Dean declares that Sam is "internet famous." While Dean is on board with his "cool" other self, he's less than impressed with Sam's double. Honestly, as long as these doubles aren't named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, "Lebanon" doesn't even sound that weird by Supernatural standards.

Not to worry! The abundance of weirdness may come from scenes not teased in the trailer. Sam and Dean will turn to occult lore during their search for the solution to a problem, which may be the case of the week or may be Dean's potential fate as trapped in a box at the bottom of the Pacific with Michael in his head for all eternity. They find a lot more than either anticipated, and it's pretty easy to guess what at least one of those things is: their father.

Yes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will finally reprise his role as John Winchester for "Lebanon." John died way back in Season 2, and he was never granted a lasting resurrection like Mary, Sam, Dean, Castiel, or any of the other Supernatural characters that didn't linger forever in their graves. Details are relatively scarce about precisely how John is brought into the fold, but we do know that his arrival will be the result of Dean's wish.

The odds are that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is only set to appear in this one episode of Supernatural Season 14. That said, Morgan himself shared how and when he would want to return after the 300th episode, and it's clear that he still feels strongly about the Supernatural family. He openly admitted why he wanted to return for the big episode. Interestingly, John won't be the only long-lost character to turn back up again.

See all the weirdness for yourself when the 300th episode hits the airwaves on Thursday, February 7 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. There's no saying at this point if Supernatural will last long enough to hit another milestone, but the long-running show did just score a renewal for Season 15. Shall we check back here for Episode 400?

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