Yes, An Original Magnum P.I. Actor Appeared On CBS' New Version

The Magnum P.I. reboot on CBS changed many things from the original series, but a recent episode included a familiar face from the show's initial run in the 1980s. Roger E. Mosley, who played T.C. the first time around, dropped by the new Magnum P.I. Although a new actor was playing T.C., there was still space for him in a scene featuring the character. Take a look!

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Aloha indeed! Roger E. Mosley may not have been able to play T.C. in the new Magnum P.I., but he could play a character hanging out and trading banter with T.C. 2.0! Mosley was on board to play Vietnam veteran/barber Booky, and it's clear that Booky and T.C. have a friendly relationship with each other, although not so friendly that Booky was on board with T.C.'s suggestion of a one-hour helicopter tour. Spending an hour in a "flying death trap" was not up Booky's alley!

Besides, Booky told T.C. that he was too busy with his shop to go flying around Hawaii, not because he was afraid! T.C. pointed out that the shop was empty other than the two of them, but Booky brushed off the objection. Based on this quick scene (courtesy of the show's Instagram) from the March 11 episode of Magnum P.I., Booky was not planning on boarding a chopper with T.C.

Still, this one scene didn't give away everything that Booky had to contribute to the episode, called "A Kiss Before Dying." The episode description revealed that Booky is "a Vietnam veteran and barber who offers sage advice and a great haircut." Roger E. Mosley didn't have the most major role in the episode, but his character is pretty firmly tied to the location of Magnum P.I. Surely the reboot could come up with reasons to bring Booky back!

Magnum P.I. has already been renewed for a second season, so the show will have have ample opportunities to bring back Roger E. Mosley, and perhaps any other original series actors who would be game to appear. I wouldn't count on Tom Selleck dropping by, even if he is another CBS actor thanks to his long-running role on Blue Bloods. Still, there are other original Magnum P.I. actors who could be fun additions to the cast, even if only for minor roles or cameos!

The new Magnum P.I. ranks as one of the 8 biggest TV reboots and revivals of 2018, and it is clearly going strong enough into 2019 that CBS felt confident enough to renew it for next season. FBI (which is already getting a spinoff) and The Neighborhood also received Season 2 renewals at the same time that Magnum P.I. got its good news.

New episodes of Magnum P.I. air Mondays at 9 p.m. ET this midseason, among many other viewing options.

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