While Drunkenly Cutting His Hair, Ian Somerhalder Realizes He Still Has Reshoots For New Netflix Show

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After his years portraying the suave and smoldering Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, not to mention all of his non-acting contributions to society, Ian Somerhalder comes across as a fully put-together person impervious to making mistakes. Of course, nobody's perfect, and Somerhalder is just as capable of making hilarious faux pas as the rest of us.

For instance, while gearing up to bring fans a new vampire thriller in Netflix's V-Wars, Ian Somerhalder decided to ease his mind with a few glasses of wine while while giving himself a new faux-hawk haircut. The downside? He forgot about V-Wars' upcoming reshoots! Here's how the actor put it.

After the 3 glasses of wine wore off and the clippers ran out of battery... something hit me like a ton bricks: a little thing called 'continuity' for aka #VWars reshoots! I stopped trimming... Shit. Biotin smoothies here we come- gotta grow this shit out fast... Hair growing out and gearing up for production now. So much gratitude to you all for so much support. It means the world...

I suppose we can all be thankful that Ian Somerhalder's clippers ran out of power. Otherwise, he might have gotten a little ambitious by chopping off way more hair than originally intended. Of course, I'm sure any hair was too much hair for the V-Wars production staff.

Not that Ian Somerhalder went too over the top in changing his look, and it's not like the show will need to recast him or anything. (Now I'm curious what kind of a haircut would be cause for recasting.) Somerhalder sounds like he's just hoping for everything to grow back out accordingly in time for the second round of filming for V-Wars, which is set to make its debut at some point in 2019.

In the Instagram post where he shared his haircut pic, Ian Somerhalder listed what some of his big goals are for the near future, with one of them being the release of the new vampire show, and others involving launching a wine company and doing charity work with Omaze. The new look was on top of the list, though he probably should have post-dated it. Check out the post below.

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Somerhalder will also be showing off his directorial skills on V-Wars. That presumably doesn't require any specifics in terms of hair count and growth, so he should be good to go if any of his own footage would need to be refilmed.

V-Wars is based on the anthologized series of books edited by the acclaimed writer-of-all-trades Jonathan Maberry, but the TV series will focus on one narrative. In it, Ian Somerhalder will star as Luther Swann, a doctor who gets caught up in the middle of a mysterious and dangerous new outbreak that starts turning average people into vampires. Making matters worse is the fact that Luther's best friend ends up becoming the growing vampire group's powerful leader.

While there isn't a concrete release date set just yet, fans can expect to see V-Wars biting down on Netflix later in 2019. And Ian Somerhalder definitely isn't the only Vampire Diaries veteran with a big TV project this year, with many former cast members killing it on the small screen.

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