How The Blacklist Finally Freed Red, And Set Him Up To Save Samar

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Spoilers for the Season 6 episode of The Blacklist -- “Bastien Moreau: The Conclusion” are revealed below.

Red is finally free on The Blacklist! The “Concierge of Crime” is back in action and not for the reasons I thought he might be. It turns out, Cooper’s appeal to the President worked, and Red was given 48 hours to track down the assassin Bastien Moreau. In return, he would have his original immunity deal put back in place.

Well, Red came through. In the end, Liz and Ressler captured Bastien Moreau a.k.a. The Corsican. Soon after they did, he was shot and killed by one of the President’s aids. Tracking down what Moreau knew about the conspiracy will likely comprise further episodes of The Blacklist.

Thankfully, the Task Force will have Red to aid them in that search. He is free and, as of the conditions of his immunity agreement, so is Vontae Jones! According to the terms, Vontae has been paroled. That was the good news, now the bad.

At the end of the episode, Samar informed Cooper she was leaving the Task Force. She did not reveal her reason for why to Cooper. However, viewers know that it was due to the events of the episode. She blames herself for the death of Christopher Miles. With Samar’s condition getting worse and Red now free, the show has potentially set him up to save her.

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Just like Red getting executed seemed impossible, Samar leaving the Task Force forever is hard to believe. A temporary thing? Sure. Forever? No way. Or at least, I hope not. At the end of the episode, Red said he was going somewhere, claiming he had no idea where that was. He could already be off on a mission to save Samar.

So far, The Blacklist has not tipped its hand regarding how much Red knows about Samar’s condition. Chances are, he knows much more than he has let on. There have already been hints that he probably does. Again, it is important to remember The Pharmacist, aka Dr. Stark.

Earlier in Season 6, Red sent the Task Force after him. Following his capture, Dembe and he had a private conversation. In said convo, Dembe made it clear that Dr. Stark was working on something for Red. There is a strong chance that whatever it is, it has to do with Samar. She is the only person viewers are aware of who requires medical intervention.

Dr. Stark is a bio-scientist and a biohacker. Who better to work on Samar’s case than him? He may already be developing something to help her. A medically-advanced cure is the only way to save Samar at this point.

Why Red is keeping his potential work on Samar's case so secretive is anyone’s guess. Perhaps he does not want to give her or anyone else false hope? It’s possible.

The good news is that even though Samar has left the Task Force, she will be present for next week’s two-hour event. That's right, The Blacklist will be offering up another double-header with its upcoming installment. Check out the trailer for it below:

NBC has revealed that Samar will make a “life changing decision” in the first half. She already left the Task Force, so could this next move mean her breaking up Aram? That does not work for me. Maybe they will get married? Now that would be great!

In the second half, The Blacklist teased that a case will have repercussions that will alter the Task Force forever. Why does that not sound like a good change? Either way, fans will have to tune in and find out what it is.

With Red free, The Blacklist can now turn its attention to saving Samar. Find out if Red is involved with helping her when The Blacklist continues with new episodes airing Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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