American Idol: Did Alyssa Raghu's Cover Secure Her Save?

American Idol's Top 10 has been revealed, and as the judges doled out their saves for which contestants on the bubble would make the cut, Alyssa Raghu found herself up for elimination. As she stood against the other competitors who could leave, many in America were sure she'd be sent home. That all changed when Katy Perry announced Alyssa was her save, which may be due to Raghu's performance earlier in the night of her song. Take a look.

It feels like no small coincidence that the contestant in danger of elimination that the sometimes emotional Katy Perry saved just so happened to be the one that performed her song "The One That Got Away." For what it's worth, it was one of the better performances of the night, as Alyssa Raghu didn't seem as rattled by the news she could be eliminated as other competitors.

As good as the performance was, some American Idol viewers couldn't shake the feeling of favoritism by Katy Perry. Some speculated that it was Alyssa's song choice that led the engaged pop star to save her, and overlook the other talented competitors they felt were more deserving.

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The tweets are always the most brutal after eliminations, and there were quite a few American Idol viewers ready to share exactly what they thought of Katy Perry's pick as soon as it escaped her lips. Perry was the last pick of the evening, so that could be why fans are giving her more flak than other judges for using the last pick on anyone other than their favorite competitor.

While fans aren't universal in who they believed deserved the spot more, there's quite a few people who think Katy Perry should have picked Ashley Hess over Alyssa Raghu. In the words of a small majority, Ashley is the better singer of the two and her skills behind the piano make her a contestant capable of going much farther in a professional career in the long run.

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Taste in music is subjective, so it's hard to truly say that either American Idol contestant deserved the advancement more when they both made it to the same spot. This is just a reminder to viewers to vote for who they want to advance, and make sure it isn't left on judges to make a call. Regardless of whether Katy Perry made the call based on Alyssa Raghu's singing "The One Who Got Away," it was her save to make.

For all the negativity that Twitter was throwing her way, there were also a fair few genuinely happy that Alyssa Raghu was getting another shot to prove she can be the next American Idol.

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Yes, some fans admitted her advancement was deserved, although some still agreed that her performance in the episode definitely had something to do with it.

Will Alyssa Raghu hold on in the weeks to come? Watch American Idol Sundays and Mondays on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET to find out, and stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest updates in television and other entertainment news.

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