Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Are Engaged

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Congratulations are in order! As it was announced on Instagram earlier today, the turbulent on-and-off relationship between Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry came into "full bloom" today, as Perry cheekily notes, when the Pirates of the Caribbean actor got down on one knee and proposed to the singer. It is the cumulation of a relationship that hasn't always been on steady ground, but one that has grown through love, dedication, and commitment.

The reveal was made on Katy Perry's Instagram. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are more than partially obscured in the photo, although there is one part of Perry's body that is not hidden: her ring finger, which is now accompanied with a dazzling $5 million ring. Money can't buy love, but if you are already in love, it can certainly help to bring more happiness, as it did for the celebrity couple. Other details about the engagement are limited, but it should be noted that the event was made even more special by the fact that it occurred on Valentine's Day. Bloom is clearly a romantic type.

Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom shared the same photo on his own social media feed. But instead of the "full bloom" crack made by Katy Perry, the film and television actor opted for the more intentionally vague "lifetimes" to describe his blissful romantic feelings during such a pivotal moment in his life. Of course, it's hard to put such a deep moment such as one's engagement into words. Though one can't help but feel a little disappointed that neither the actor nor the singer opted for say "Love is in Bloom." C'mon guys. It's sitting right there. Surely, that one was thrown around during their discussions...

No matter. In a moment such as this one, words are secondary. It's the feelings that are vital, and it's clear that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are quite affectionate for one another -- particularly when you consider how bumpy their relationship has been (at least publicly) throughout the past few years.

It was only a year ago when Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom decided they would give their relationship a second chance. There is something about the month of February for these two celebrities, because it was back in February 2016 when they first decided to call it quits on their relationship. The love affair was ended on good terms, related more to their busy lives and schedules than a lack of love or love lost between them. Here's how Bloom had described the fractured relationship in April of 2016 when the couple first decided they would be away from each other's company -- if just temporarily.

We're friends. It's good. We're all grown-up. She happens to be someone who is very visible, but I don't think anybody cares what I'm up to. Nor should they. It's between us. It's better to set an example for kids and show that [break-ups] don't have to be about hate.

Clearly something changed, although Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry opted to keep their romantic lives a secret as much as possible. Probably knowing that it was better to keep their romance private compared to the rest of their lives, they have rekindled their romance and they are looking to keep the love going for a long, long time. With that, we wish Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom many congratulations on this Valentine's Day engagement!

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