If Whiskey Cavalier Gets Season 2, Here's What Scott Foley Wants For Will And Frankie

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Scott Foley doesn't just star on Whiskey Cavalier as FBI Special Agent Will Chase (aka Whiskey Cavalier), he's also a producer of the show. So when he talks about what he wants for Season 2, it's not just wishful thinking, it's a possible preview of what we'll get if -- if! -- ABC renews the show for Season 2. Maybe he even has some news on that front that he can't quite share yet? That's not clear.

What is clear is that he does have ideas on what'd like to see for Will Chase and Frankie Trowbridge (Lauren Cohan) as their relationship evolves late in Season 1 and potentially in Season 2. Thankfully, it sounds like he'd like to eventually move past the "will they, won't they" trope:

We’ve seen “will they, won’t they?” before, whether it’s Friends or Castle or Moonlighting. There’s a tension that’s necessary when playing these kind of roles on these kind of shows. We don’t necessarily want to be a “will they, won’t they?” — although that’s built into the DNA of a show like this. I like “on again, off again” maybe depending on where they go toward the end of this season or next. But the dynamic between these two characters is something we hit on every episode. [...] We’re going to play with those character tropes, those interpersonal dynamics quite a bit, but as they get to the end of the season, there will definitely be a progression one way or another.

Progression one way or another by the Season 1 finale. Hmmm. Which way, do you think?

I like the idea of seguing from "will they, won't they" to "on again, off again" -- after all, the opening song even asks "Can you love me again?" They just have to find a way to keep it fresh and not played-out. Will currently has a lovely girlfriend in Emma Davies (Ophelia Lovibond), so Will and Frankie are in the "off" zone. However, they have gotten very close in the past, and had quite a romantic evening set up in Spain before Emma arrived.

The way Scott Foley phrased his quote to EW -- "depending on where they go toward the end of this season or next" -- suggests hope for a "next" season to exist. ABC has yet to say anything, but in speculating on Whiskey Cavalier's Season 2 chances, I was leaning more toward yes than no, but it's all guesswork from afar. The viewers and ratings have been fairly steady in the past few weeks. But how expensive is the show, what are the filming contracts, what does the rest of the schedule look like etc.? There are so many factors The Powers That Be will consider.

May seems to be when many shows will learn their fates, and that may be the case as well for Whiskey Cavalier. Lauren Cohan has already talked about wanting to return for the final season of Supernatural, if possible, at least for a cameo. And she said Maggie's storyline is not over on The Walking Dead. So she's potentially pretty busy, depending on what happens on those fronts and with Whiskey Cavalier Season 2.

Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 production was based in Prague, so it's not the kind of show where a series regular could just pop on over to another show's set for a quick scene. If there is a Season 2, I would hope the show stays in Europe, because a big part of the draw for me is seeing all of the locations.

Whiskey Cavalier continues tonight (April 24) with Episode 9 "Hearts & Minds," which forces Frankie to prove herself as the leader when Will is captured during a mission in Ukraine. The show airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC, as one of the few shows not quite winding down to its season finale quite yet.

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