Charlie Cox Definitely Wants To Keep Playing Daredevil, So Let's Make That Happen

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Actor Charlie Cox probably won't have an impossible time landing roles in Hollywood and beyond in the future, having proven himself a fan-favorite commodity through his work on Netflix's Daredevil. Unfortunately, the streaming giant cancelled Daredevil back in November, in connection Disney+ service going hard on its own exclusive Marvel TV shows. Like many fans, though, Cox hasn't exactly put the Man Without Fear in his rear-view just yet, and says he would love to return to the role.

Oh, yeah. I loved it, man. I would love to get to continue playing that character. . . . It’s such a dream job for me. It’s been such a wonderful experience, that any scenario where I get to continue playing the character, whether it be on a different series, or whether it be in the movies, would be fantastic. I can only hope. It’s almost like I can’t think about it because I don’t wanna get my hopes up.

Charlie Cox's good vibes about more Daredevil performances will no doubt boost fans' own hopes for the vigilante to return in some way, and then everyone's heightened excitement will assumedly get back to Cox and hopefully make him feel even more justified for continuing to embrace the character beyond that cancellation debacle. It's like the circle of life, only with superheroes and TV licensing deals.

Of course, Charlie Cox isn't just someone who puts forth an opinion in an interview without going the whole nine yards on backing it up. Speaking with The Playlist, Cox admitted he'd done his part in the #SaveDaredevil campaign by signing the wildly popular petition to keep the show going into Season 4. Well, sort of.

The petition, which has also been supported by the likes of Vincent D'Onofrio, first made itself known to Cox just recently, after his mom clued him in. The actor said because he didn't feel overly comfortable sharing his personal email address, he created a faux account for his two-year-old daughter, and that's how he added to the growing number of signees, which is now over 211,000.

Daredevil's third-season showrunner Erik Oleson and his writing team had crafted the outline of a major arc for Season 4, which was a sign of how wrongfully sure everyone was that Season 4 was coming. Sadly, we may never know what storylines were being considered, nor what other characters could have been introduced. I bet it would have rocked, though.

Regardless of how that story would have played out, Charlie Cox would still love to get back to Hell's Kitchen (or Manhattan, I guess) in order to get Daredevil and Spider-Man teamed up for an adventure. Really, though, anything that gets him back in the shadows. In Cox's words:

Dude, I’d like anything. In the comic books, there are some fantastic Spider-Man/Daredevil storylines. The bottom line is I just absolutely love the show. I love playing the character. It’s still a bit weird to me that I’m not playing the character anymore. It’s kind of impossible for me to really imagine that, because it’s been such a long period of my life.

The chances are rather slim for Charlie Cox to take on any large-scale Daredevil-esque projects in the near future, barring some miraculous contractual switcheroos. At this point, all of Netflix's Marvel characters reportedly can't get used in live-action projects outside of the company for two years following their last Netflix appearance. If that remains the case, Daredevil won't up for consideration again until at least November 2020.

Granted, that's not so far away. Daredevil fans – as well as those of the other Marvel dramas – are rather used to waiting long periods between seasons. Plus, it's not like Charlie Cox hasn't found an assortment of new projects to work on in the meantime anyway. He'll be seen very soon in James Marsh' crime drama King of Thieves, in the short horror film The Knot, and he's set to star opposite Brittany Snow in the obsession-fueled drama Stripped.

Hopefully, we'll soon be saying that Charlie Cox signed on for another round of filming as Matt Murdock and his fashion-forward alter ego. Until that happens, all three seasons of Daredevil are available to stream in full on Netflix, and much more is coming down the line, both to Netflix's 2019 schedule and to the midseason TV premiere schedule.

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