Daredevil Showrunner Just Pitched Season 4 To Netflix

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Daredevil Season 3 featured the return of "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen" in an adventure that ended with the implication there was more to come. It turns out showrunner Erik Oleson does have a new chapter in the Netflix Marvel adventure he's wanting to make. He announced on social media he's just pitched Season 4.

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The "fingers crossed" portion of the tweet may feel a bit ominous, especially considering the headlines Netlfix and Marvel have shared in late 2018. The pair announced the cancellation of Iron Fist, followed by Luke Cage shortly after. Even if Daredevil is seemingly the more popular series of the Netflix/Marvel family, it feels as though any superhero show without a definite renewal on Netflix is safe at this time.

With that said, Erik Oleson's "fingers crossed" statement could definitely mean many other things. Each season of Daredevil has had a different showrunner, so Oleson's crossing of his fingers may be his hopes that the series has him back so that he can continue to build on the plotlines he introduced in Season 3. For example, the ending scene in the season's finale teased Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter's full transformation into the iconic villain Bullseye.

Daredevil's Season 3 finale gave a lot for fans to digest as Matt Murdock created a stalemate with villain Wilson Fisk. Despite that, Kingpin is now aware of Murdock's identity as Daredevil and will use that to destroy his enemy once he finds a way to successfully protect his wife Vanessa from jail time. In the meantime, there are more villains that could threaten New York and characters like Maggie that Matt can further build his relationship with going forward.

Netflix could get behind Erik Oleson's pitch, or reject it and send him back to the drawing board. The latter possibility isn't out of the question, as rumors swirled disagreements between the show and the streaming service over Season 3 of Luke Cage ultimately led to its cancellation. Whether Netflix would allow the same thing to happen with Daredevil is unknown, especially with the launch of Disney+ and its own Marvel programs potentially threatening Netflix's subscriber base in the future.

Daredevil's renewal at Netflix could depend on its viewership statistics, which remain a bit of a mystery. While Netflix doesn't often make that type of data public, third-party studies have revealed buzz on the Marvel Netflix universe has waned on social media with each successive season. That said, Daredevil's buzz in its first two seasons was much higher than Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and closer to 2018's only Netflix Marvel series renewed this year, Jessica Jones.

Seasons 1-3 of Daredevil are currently available via streaming on Netflix. For a look at what's coming to television in the near future, visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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