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Ready to head back to Neptune, Marshmallows? Hulu’s limited series is happy to oblige. Veronica Mars is finally back in this new trailer, complete with new stars and a lethal storyline. Wasting no time, the preview thrusts prospective viewers and devoted fans into the center of the danger. Check out Kristen Bell back in action as Veronica below:

As Veronica reminds viewers at the beginning of the trailer, this series started with a major murder mystery centered on Veronica’s best friend, Lilly Kane, as played by Amanda Seyfried. Now three seasons and one movie later, Veronica Mars is about to head into another deadly storyline for her return to the small screen.

As it's indicated in the Veronica Mars trailer, a crime wave will be hitting the shores of the spring break hot spot Neptune. Using her trusty stun gun, Veronica has to deal with one assailant right off the bat, but he is just one of the villains set to come Neptune’s way.

Veronica Mars Patton Oswalt Penn Epner Hulu

Along for the ride are a bevy of new stars, too. Patton Oswalt can be seen first. He will star as Penn Epner, the “best pizza delivery guy in Neptune,” per Deadline. True crime is Penn’s passion, though, and he spends time on sites dedicated to unsolved murders.

In the trailer, it sounds like Patton Oswalt’s character says, “Follow the money, Mars.” Does he have a working theory about what is happening with all those bombings? Where will the money lead?

Veronica Mars Clyde Prickett J.K. Simmons Hulu

Speaking of money, you can get your first look at J.K. Simmons making his Veronica Mars debut, potentially handing some cash off to another guy. One of Hollywood's most watchable actors, Simmons will star as an ex-con by the name of Clyde Prickett. As it can be seen in the trailer, Clyde is now out and about, probably continuing his job as a fixer for the Casablancas family.

Above, he can be seen standing on a golf course. Probably crafting his next move, right? Is he tied to the serial bombings? The trailer hints that he is. Even though villains tend to get their due in Veronica Mars, any characters standing in Clyde's way should probably be pretty cautious.

Veronica Mars Kirby Howell-Baptiste Nicole Hulu

Next up, viewers get to see The Good Place’s Kirby Howell-Baptiste making her Veronica Mars debut. Howell-Baptiste co-stars with Kristen Bell on the NBC comedy, and on Veronica Mars, Howell-Baptiste will star as Nicole, the owner of spring breakers' favorite Neptune nightclub.

It appears that Nicole gets caught in one of the explosions. Thankfully, she seems to be okay. As previously reported, Nicole’s club is where Veronica believes the killer is choosing victims. Veronica can be heard saying she thinks the bomber's motive is to "destroy Neptune as a spring break destination." Dun dun dun!

Veronica Mars Clifton Collins Jr. Alonzo Lozano Hulu

Also putting in an appearance in the trailer is Westworld’s Clifton Collins Jr. as Alonzo Lozano. He can be spotted brandishing a gun and looking mighty ready to use it. Collins Jr.'s character is a hitman for a Mexican cartel whose boss sends him on a mission to Neptune. That assignment is to kill the murderer of his boss' wife's nephew, which should lead to some sticky situations.

How will all of these new stars collide with the pre-existing ones? There is only one way to see how it plays out, and that is to tune in. For Marshmallows long awaiting this day, it'll be here sooner than never, at least.

The limited series revival was announced back in September 2018, and things have been moving quickly as it rapidly approaches a summer run on Hulu. Will it be the hot show that everyone is buzzing about this summer? There is every reason to believe it will be.

Veronica Mars' new limited season will premiere on Hulu on Friday, July 26.