The Orville Season 3? One Co-Star Sounds Optimistic About It

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Will Fox renew The Orville for Season 3? Klyden actor Chad Coleman sounds pretty confident the answer is yes, but he asked fans to still raise their voices so the network knows there's enough interest out there. Here's what Coleman said when asked if he was hopeful about a Season 3:

Oh, no doubt about it. I mean, there's nothing official, but we feel sure that that's what's going to happen. But you know, no guarantees. If you guys love it, let 'em know. Social media. Let's do it the way The Expanse did it when they got Amazon to pick it up. You guys, make some noise out there. It's a special show and it should be around. Fingers crossed. We've heard some things, but I can't -- you know how it goes.

Yes, The Expanse is another one of Chad Coleman's fantastic sci-fi shows, and another heartening success story. It sounds like Coleman knows a bit more than he's allowed to say about The Orville Season 3, which is certainly encouraging.

Chad Coleman has the recurring role of Klyden on The Orville, which just finished up Season 2 's 14 episodes on April 25. It's not clear what Fox might be thinking, based on Season 2's ratings, but CinemaBlend made some compelling arguments for where the story could go in Season 3.

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Chad Coleman laughed when Popcorn Talk asked what he'd like to see next for Klyden in The Orville Season 3. As you might expect, it sounds like he wants more episodes like Klyden and Bortus had in Season 2's "Primal Urges":

He's such a traditionalist, if you will. I'd like him to continue to encounter Earth's culture and the tension between he and his mate Bortus, and just surprise some folks sometimes. Maybe he's far more inviting and accepting of others. Maybe. But in a way that in very real time you examine the nature of a person who comes from that perspective. That's what I love most about him. He's not afraid to show he's stuck in his ways. This is our culture, this is who we are. We know in the [real] world that's very much a reality for some people, so let's keep examining it, let's keep turning it from all sides.

Klyden has a humanity and heart about him that Chad Coleman said he loves. He wants The Orville Season 3 to put Klyden in other circumstances where he's challenged.

In the meantime, Chad Coleman has whatever he is doing with The Expanse Season 4 on Amazon, plus the new series Treadwater, and you never know where his pitch for The Walking Dead might go. He also gets to enjoy a break from the prosthetics he needs to play Klyden. Not that he minds the process.

[It's] never a problem. I tell people it's an hour and 10 minutes, the head is like a cowl, like you put on a hoodie and then they tack that around the outer part of your face. The eyes, nose, and cheek is just like putting on a Batman mask, and then the skin. And then you just spray it.

Chad Coleman doesn't seem to have any complaints at all about The Orville, praising creator/star Seth MacFarlane as a great leader on and off screen. He'd clearly love to return for more fun after the 12 episodes of Season 1 and the 14 of Season 2. If we're really lucky, maybe Fox will even give us 16 episodes in Season 3? Fans can dream -- and do as Coleman asked and tell Fox they want more.

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