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Legion Season 3 Trailer Finally Embraces X-Men With Professor X And Cerebro First Looks

Marvel's weirdest series to date is coming to an end, and true to form, the first trailer for Legion Season 3 is chock full of plenty of odd imagery, zany scenes, and Dan Stevens walking the line between horrifying villain and misunderstood hero. We also get our first look at Harry Lloyd's Professor Charles Xavier, who is seen briefly wearing Cerebro in what looks to be a painful experience.

That's a cool tease of Professor X, although it doesn't do much beyond confirm he'll have one physical scene in the final season. We still don't know if he'll meet his son David, or if this is a scene that takes place in a flashback or the present day. Harry Lloyd's Charles looks to be the same age as Dan Stevens' David in that quick look, but if Xavier ages like another actor who portrayed him, Patrick Stewart, this doesn't mean much.

Plus it sounds like time travel will be a factor in Legion Season 3, as David intends to use it to save himself and others. Of course, Season 2 ended with an attempt by Division 3 to capture David, who was believed to be a bigger future threat to humanity than the Shadow King. It looks like David will attempt to clear his name, even if it means traveling back in time to alter events.

Meanwhile, Division 3 is still working with David's friends and the Shadow King, who may or may not be manipulating them into thinking David is a villain. It's really a toss up at this point. Ptonomy's consciousness has been transferred into a mechanical body, which will keep him from having to hack into the Vermillion in order to communicate with friends. Will he, Syd, Cary, Kerry and the rest be able to bring David in?

They have a shot with the Shadow King, although David was able to beat him once before. Professor X would be another powerful telepath capable of bringing David down, and with him appearing in some capacity this season, it's a possibility the two's reunion may come out of Charles being the only person capable of stopping David. That would be devastating, but totally in line with comic lore and this series.

Weirdness and trippy visuals are also a big part, and the trailer makes it appear Legion Season 3 has that in spades. One particularly great bit of this trailer is the hilarious Aubrey Plaza's Lenny dressed up as the Mad Hatter, which probably is only one of the many wacky costumes she'll don in this final season. Does her alignment with David confirm he's the villain, or is she just particularly loyal to him?

Expect answers to come in time as Season 3 of Legion kicks off on FX Monday, June 24. CinemaBlend will keep an eye out for news on more Marvel shows in the meantime, and continue to report on other entertainment news.

Mick Joest
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