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Grey's Anatomy Season 16: Jake Borelli Wants More Scenes With These Co-Stars

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Spoilers ahead from the Grey's Anatomy Season 15 finale.

Grey's Anatomy just had its uber-dramatic Season 15 finale, and fans are ready for more. Before the May 16 finale aired, ABC already renewed the show for at least two more seasons. Jake Borelli, who plays Dr. Levi "Glasses" Schmitt, was revealed to be one of three recurring stars bumped up to series regular status for Season 16. Unlike many characters, Levi had a happy ending to Season 15, reconnecting with his boyfriend Nico Kim (Alex Landi) and even coming out to his mom.

CinemaBlend asked Jake Borelli to name his favorite co-star to work with so far -- after starting on the show in Season 14 and amping up his role in Season 15 -- and which co-stars he wants more scenes with in Season 16. His answer would please Omelia fans:

I love working with Kevin McKidd [Owen Hunt], honestly, he's great. I would love more scenes with him. And then someone that I haven't worked with very often but absolutely adore is Caterina [Scorsone], who plays [Amelia] Shepherd. I would to be with her but I've never been on a neuro assignment. So I think that would be a cool scene to play -- just because I adore her as a human being.

As we all should. Jake Borelli's Dr. Levi Schmitt got to spend a lot of time with Kevin McKidd's Dr. Owen Hunt in the final two episodes of Season 15, including the penultimate "Drawn to the Blood," which was directed by McKidd himself. Borelli already told me about the great times they had filming that scene, which carried over into the "intense" season finale.

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Jake Borelli said there had been some talks about Levi becoming a series regular character in Season 16, and he got the official word when Season 16 was picked up. But ABC announcing two seasons at once? He didn't see that coming.

I was shocked and so excited [about the two-season pickup]. I mean it's so rare. It's hard enough to get a one season pickup and a two season pickup is so rare. So the fact that we got one for Season 16 and 17 is a testament to the power of the show. We've been texting a bunch about the series regular pickup. I've gotten a bunch of really sweet messages from a lot of the other series regulars on the show. That just warms my heart, and I'm super excited to jump into these next seasons with them.

As for what happens next for Levi, Jake Borelli doesn't really know yet. Showrunner Krista Vernoff said in post-finale interviews that Nico actor Alex Landi would be a recurring actor for them in Season 16, so the actor's new Netflix show shouldn't push him off screen after all. That's good news for Levi, too, since it suggests he and Nico will continue building their relationship.

Jake Borelli said he doesn't know exactly when they'll be back to film Season 16, but he'll be ready when that call comes in.

I think the sky's the limit. I'm super excited to see what's going to come out of Krista Vernoff's mind for Season 16 for me. ... I hope that [Levi] stays on this path of becoming a better surgeon. We've started to see him get his bearings, you know. I'm really excited for that for him. I hope he gets to specialize next year, I think that would be cool to see where he lands at the hospital. So I'm just excited to see how he progresses in this job.

Maybe Levi will end up specializing in neurosurgery, and then he can get those scenes with Caterina Scorsone as Dr. Amelia Shepherd -- and also his fellow new series regular Greg Germann as one of my favorites, Dr. Tom Koracick. (Tom, you deserve better than how Teddy treated you!)

The Grey's Anatomy Season 15 finale left a lot of threads dangling -- from three main characters fired, to Meredith possibly heading to jail, to Jo going to the psych ward, to Jackson literally going missing. There's a lot to worry and speculate about during the hiatus. If Grey's Anatomy Season 16 sticks to the usual schedule, it should start filming this summer for a September premiere on ABC. Stay tuned for an exact premiere date.

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