Grey's Anatomy Star Says Season 15 Finale Has 'A Lot' Of Surprises For Fans

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Grey's Anatomy star Jake Borelli (Dr. Levi Schmitt) understands the stress level going into the Season 15 finale, "Jump Into the Fog." When CinemaBlend asked for one word to describe the May 16, 2019 episode, Borelli went with "intense." As he added:

When I read the episode, the second to last episode, I had no idea how this was going to pan out. And so I know the fear that the fans are feeling right now. I feel like we set this finale up in an awesome way because almost every main character is in danger in some way. I'm super excited to see who pulls through.

Who pulls through?! Well, he knows by now, since they already filmed the finale, and we know Levi "Glasses" Schmitt will be back for Season 16 since Jake Borelli was upped to series regular status for the 2019-2020 season. According to ABC's synopsis, the Season 15 finale will also show Levi try to talk some sense into his unraveling boyfriend Nico, which suggests Glasses at least survives the big fog pileup on the freeway.

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That doesn't mean everyone is going to make it to Grey's Anatomy Season 16 after the big Season 15, Episode 25 finale:

I think this is going to be a finale that sticks to Grey's Anatomy history. We're going to see a lot of good and a lot of bad [surprises].

Jake Borelli suspects fans will have feelings similar to his own once they are on the other end of the fog-driven action:

Well, I know right now I want more. I'm just waiting to get more scripts from the writers. So I feel like the fans are going to be in that exact same position. You're going to be excited for Season 16, that's for sure.

Last week's episode, "Drawn to the Blood," left Levi in a tight spot -- literally -- as one of three people in the back seat of a car trying to make it to Grey Sloan. Dr. Owen Hunt and Levi sat next to Frances Pinfield as they tried to rush her to the hospital to give Gus his much-needed blood donation. But then they got caught up in the pileup.

Teddy Altman -- pregnant with Owen's baby -- just saw her water break, and Amelia is the one trying to drive her to the hospital so she can give birth. Meanwhile, Maggie was stung by something out on an ill-fated camping trip with Jackson. They were also trying to rush back to the hospital, but got caught up in the fog traffic.

At the hospital, there was even more drama, with Andrew DeLuca deciding to take the fall for Meredith Grey's insurance fraud decision. The promo for Episode 25 showed DeLuca in handcuffs. It also showed Miranda Bailey's suspicions that DeLuca didn't do whatever he did alone.

The promo did not hint to the drama to come between Nico and Levi, but we can probably expect that relationship to have a definitive moment one way or the other. For one thing, Nico was previously shown applying for a new job. He has also had an attitude problem ever since his mistake cost a young patient his life. He fought with Levi about that, since Levi didn't think Nico should go straight from that tragic mistake to his new job interview. Nico had a harsh reply about that being what Levi would do since his whole life has been defined by failure.

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Add to that, Nico actor Alex Landi just booked a recurring role on a Netflix series. I asked Jake Borelli how much we should read into all of that -- Nico applying for a new job and his actor getting a new job:

I don't know how much you can read into Shondaland shows, things get shaken up every second. Very drama-filled. So I would just stay along for the ride. But yeah, right now we're in one of the biggest fights of our relationship. It doesn't seem as if Nico is understanding that Levi is trying to get an apology or trying to mend this rift that they have, and I also don't think that Levi understands that Nico needs more faith than what Levi is giving him. So I'm very curious to see if they can push through this. We haven't seen them have such a big disagreement before. Their relationship is new, and sometimes relationships like that don't survive. So I'm excited to see how this ends on Thursday.

Hmmm. Hoping for the best on that, but expecting a sad breakup. However, Jake Borelli emphasized that Levi has a bigger issue first -- getting out of that pileup in the fog with Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and donor Frances. Turns out, filming that fog-fated but song-filled car trip was a lot of fun for the actor:

Oh, it was super fun. I mean, Kevin McKidd is one of my favorite people ever and he was directing that episode too. So it was super intimate and super playful, which was great. Kevin and I are like, you know on long days we always reach this hour, by hour like 12 or 13, where we would get a little slaphappy and goof around. I don't know if you saw the extended scene of the 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' song that we sang? I think maybe 30 seconds made the final cut, there's an extended version that you can see on the Shondaland Instagram that goes about two-and-a-half minutes. And me and Kevin and Jane [Wall]-- who plays [Frances] so perfectly -- literally just kept going because Kevin never called cut.

Check out that extended scene here, it's definitely worth it:

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Jake Borelli praised actress Jane Wall as the guest star for these two episodes.

She was amazing, and I think the dynamic that her and I have -- we joked that she was like Levi's neurotic side amplified. So the fact that we were all stuck in a car and an airplane made for some really fun scenes.

Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 15's "intense" finale this Thursday, May 16 at 8 p.m. on ABC to see the teases in place for Season 16. And stay tuned for more from Jake Borelli's Grey's chat with CinemaBlend.

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