Yellowstone's Kevin Costner Is In Beast Mode In Explosive Season 2 Video

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(Image credit: Paramount Network)
(Image credit: Paramount Network)

Yellowstone was renewed rather readily last year. Now, the Dutton family is returning for the second season. Kevin Costner is in total beast mode in a new teaser promoting it. Brace yourself. You will be dying for the second season premiere to have already arrived. Check out Costner’s John Dutton getting intense and preparing for war below:

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First off, it sounds like Kayce may be getting further into Dutton mode in Yellowstone Season 2. He talks about hearing the stories of what his father had to do to keep the ranch and now believing them. Well, he is about to get an up-close and personal view of what his father is willing to do in the present-day.

Fires can be seen getting started, among other bits of chaos. In the Yellowstone promo’s most explosive moment, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton starts throwing punches…seemingly at law enforcement officials. Is Dutton going after the same guy that tried to set Rip up for shooting the bear in self-defense?

If so, that explains how tensions could have risen so quickly. John Dutton is very protective of Rip. Maybe that guy is at it again. Regardless, it is shocking to see Kevin Costner’s character get so physical. He usually tries to remain calm. It would have to take something significant to set him off, and that apparently happens. Dutton does not only appear to launch into fisticuffs with the law either.

He appears to make his way to another location, where he starts getting physical with people there. What is causing him to lose his cool to such a large extent? Also, are the events with law enforcement connected to his other punch-throwing incident? Stay tuned.

John Dutton is not the only one fighting with his fists in the teaser. Please also note Rip bursting into a location and busting it all up. It seems like the Cowboys’ bunkhouse. Someone who appears to be Kayce is trying to stop him, which means he is not the target.

Remember, they did get into a fight in Season 1. What has Rip in such a meltdown? Could it be a disastrous situation with the ranch? Is it Walker and Beth’s burgeoning relationship? Walker does reside in the bunkhouse. Speaking of Beth...

In a separate scene, she can be spotted dragging some guy around by his hair. Is it Jamie or someone else? It is hard to tell. Considering how physical things got between the two in Season 1, it makes sense another skirmish could break out. It would be pretty brazen of Jamie to show up at the ranch, knowing that he is far from welcome.

The Yellowstone promo also puts to rest whether Neal McDonough’s new character will be a friend or a foe of the Duttons. You can put him in the latter category. A new promo confirms that McDonough’s Malcolm Beck and his brother are aiming for everyone.

In that Twitter video, the cast teases the upcoming season with a behind-the-scenes look. Kevin Costner previously explained why he said “yes” to doing the show. Now, he promises that Yellowstone is going “step out there in a very bold way.” Check out what else he and other cast members had to say:

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Are you excited? Personally, I like what everyone said about the characters being established and getting to jump off from there. Season 2 is the sequel to the origin story, and it should only get even more riveting from here. It has a tough act to follow.

Find out how the ratings winner’s new season goes. Yellowstone Season 2 is one of television’s summer premieres. The second season begins June 19 on the Paramount Network.

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