Shameless Is Giving One Character A Lot More To Do In Season 10

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Shameless is returning to Showtime for its tenth season later this year, and when it does, it will see the heightened presence of a familiar face. One of the series’ least “shameless” characters, Lip, will have his girlfriend return. Given what was revealed in Season 9, it may not come as a giant surprise.

Actress Kate Miner, who portrayed Lip’s girlfriend Tami throughout the entirety of Season 9, has gotten a promotion for Shameless Season 10. Miner has been bumped up from a recurring guest star to a series regular, per THR, so expect to see a lot more of Lip’s girlfriend, and maybe even a tiny new face. Tami’s big announcement in Season 9 indicated that she could have a more prominent presence in the series’ next installment, both in story and in body shape.

Tami revealed last season that she and Lip are on their way to having a baby. Hence, it makes sense that she would be seen more in future episodes. Their relationship and the impending hurdles of childbirth should figure into the upcoming installment in a big and presumably hilarious way. Lip and Tami only started seeing each other in Season 9, but now they have a bond that will connect them forever.

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Tami is still a relatively new character, having only been in nine episodes, and she's already at the heart of a major storyline involving one of the series’ central characters. Shameless's head honchos clearly like what she brings to the show, so Kate Miner should have an exciting road ahead for her as Tami’s story develops.

You know who won't be around to welcome the newest Gallagher? Lip's sister Fiona. Actress Emmy Rossum exited the series at the end of Shameless’ previous season, when Fiona departed for an undisclosed location after saying goodbye to her loved ones. When Shameless’ executive producer, John Wells, spoke about why Fiona’s story ended the way it did, he did mention the potential for return visits. Having that as a possibility made the decision not to kill off Fiona make sense.

How the show will move forward without her has not gotten addressed, though. Will Lip’s storyline with Tami help fill the void? There's hope for Emmy Rossum to make an appearance in Season 10, but Fiona popping back in right after she left is probably not realistic. Hearing a character relay Fiona's thoughts about Lip and Tami’s situation in Season 10 is probably the more likely scenario.

Albeit, Cameron Monaghan is making his own quick comeback with Ian, who will presumably be around to help Lip and Tami with their situation in Season 10. Cameron Monaghan will reprise his role as the recently incarcerated Gallagher in a full-time capacity. The Gotham vet chose to leave the show in Season 9, and Ian was sent off to prison. John Wells made it clear the door was wide open for his return, though, and he is walking through it!

Actor Noel Fisher will also be back to continue his character Mickey’s story. Mickey and Ian rekindled their romance last season, though their relationship definitely won't be heading in the same direction as Lip and Tami's.

Shameless will return to Showtime for its tenth season after summer’s big TV premieres in late 2019.

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