Shameless' Video Tribute For Emmy Rossum's Final Episode Is A Tearjerker

Showtime's Shameless is preparing to say goodbye to one of its most pivotal players, with star Emmy Rossum’s final episode as Fiona airing this Sunday. Shameless isn't wasting any time, either, having already paid tribute to her with a memory-filled video ahead of the destined-to-be emotional event. Be warned that the vid a tearjerker. Watch it now:

I’m not crying! You are crying! Okay, maybe we are both glassy-eyed, and for a good reason.

Fiona’s final episode is almost here, so now is arguably the best time to get nostalgic about all the years she's been in viewers' lives. Shamelessmoving highlight reel of Fiona’s highs and lows is enough to make anyone shamelessly emotional. It must have been a herculean editing task to condense nine hectic seasons down to one minute, so whoever put this video together deserves a round-of tear-stained applause.

Fiona can be seen giving a little smile as the narration kicks things off with the line “Maybe it’s time for me to go.” It serves as a solid starting point for some mega-emotions involving a surprising amount of photos from her time on the show. The tribute took a unique approach to mashing the footage together in a way that reminded fans of as many moments as possible. (And if you are wondering about the song playing in the background, it's Deb Talan’s “Growing Up.")

You are not the only one getting all emotional over Fiona’s impending exit. Emmy Rossum retweeted Shameless’ video with an understandable reaction. See it below:

That was not the only thing Emmy Rossum had to say on Twitter ahead of her final Shameless episode airing. The actress commented to a fan who keenly observed some Shameless trivia that links Fiona’s very first episode with her last.

Fans have known that this unfortunate moment was coming for a while, though nothing can prepare someone for the episode where a beloved character says farewell. Emmy Rossum announced her departure in August of last year, and nearly six months later, her exit will soon play out on-screen in the Season 9 finale.

Despite losing one of its front-burner characters, Shameless will continue in her absence. The series is set to return for a tenth season. Her co-star and on-screen dad, William H. Macy, wished his TV daughter well after she announced her departure.

When discussing what it felt like to be leaving Shameless, Emmy Rossum spoke highly of her time on the series. She also discussed why she felt now was the right time to say goodbye. Since announcing her exit from Shameless, Rossum has directed an episode of an upcoming Amazon series, and more projects are likely to follow.

Will Fiona get a similar montage before or after Shameless airs this Sunday? You will have to tune in to see. Find out how Fiona’s journey on Shameless ends when the Season 9 finale airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime. The series is among many airing fresh content during the midseason.

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