The Flash Season 6 Is Reportedly Casting A New Male Big Bad

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Season 6 of The Flash has the potential to be the series' best yet. While we don't have many details regarding what the plans are for the season, we know "Crisis On Infinite Earths" is on the way and that something bad could happen to Barry Allen as a result of it. Now, it's being reported the series will bring in a new male big bad, and rumor is a diverse actor is being sought out for the part.

Even if the latter part of that news wasn't a rumor and confirmed, it's really hard to say what big bad The Flash may be looking to cast. The series has already tackled a bulk of the major villains Barry Allen has gone up against, so the pool of unused villains is rather thin. That's especially the case when it comes to "big bads," who are usually significant enough to carry the bulk of episodes in a season.

There is one character we've yet to see in the lead to "Crisis On Infinite Earths," and that's Anti-Monitor. In the comics, he's the reason The Monitor puts the worlds' heroes to the test, in hopes his significant challenge will prep them for the Anti-Monitor's big plan. We've yet to learn if the crossover will introduce Anti-Monitor, or if he'll play a factor, although it wouldn't be surprising to learn that if they did, he'd appear on The Flash first.

TVLine's news that another big bad is headed to The Flash in Season 6 is a bit surprising, as it seemed as though Eobard Thawne would hang on to play the big bad throughout Season 6 as well. His midseason reveal caused some to feel the former season's big bad Cicada had been diminished after, and it's safe to say the new season could suffer from a similar problem.

If "Crisis On Infinite Earths" comes and goes and Thawne ends up caught up in the mess and otherwise indisposed after, then this upcoming villain could be the new guy to take his place for the rest of the season. It may even be a Flash Rogue fans are somewhat familiar with, as the universe is sure to shake up just a bit following this inter-universe event. Could this villain be another version of a character we've seen?

For example, what if another version of Weather Wizard came into the picture, or Trickster? We've already had a few versions of Captain Cold on the show, but he's always an option as well. Let's also not forget the tease of the Red Death, which in the comics, was a negative Earth's Batman turned speedster. Could we be getting a villainous Bruce Wayne that looks unlike any other version of the character we've seen before?

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We don't have all the answers just yet, but chances are more on The Flash Season 6 will be revealed when The CW does its panels this year at San Diego Comic Con. Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates during that, and check in with us option for the latest in television and movies.

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