Grant Gustin Proves He Totally Is The Flash By Flashing His Butt To Fans On Social Media

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The Flash's Barry Allen is often so caught up in his own warped adventures that he doesn't spend a lot of time on social media. Counter that with the show's star Grant Gustin, who often has fun engaging his fans online. It's certain that no one will be "bummed" out after taking a gander at one of the actor's latest posts, which is a bit cheekier than normal.

After spending some good quality time at the Las Ventanas al Paraiso resort in San Jose del Cabo, Grant Gustin decided to have a little flash-y fun for fans. Check out the post below.

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I'm pretty sure Ralph and H.R. would have died laughing at this. Just in case anyone thought that my own derriere-related puns were too much, I was inspired by Grant Gustin himself, whose "Sad to leave it behind" was an A+ play on words. Especially since it relies wholeheartedly (or is it wholebuttedly?) on the image combination to make it work so well.

Granted, the Instagram post's message works well enough even without Grant Gustin's backside being on display. The pristine location is one that's meant to inspire immediate envy upon anyone else passing an eye on it, and it seems like it would indeed be a mini-travesty to have to pack up and leave that place. Glad he's getting some relaxation after the emotional cluster-fudge that was The Flash Season 5.

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During the season, Team Flash dealt in part with the arrival of Nora, Barry and Iris' daughter-from-the-future, as well as the rise of the villainous Cicada. (Or both of Cicada's villainous rises, if we're getting technical, which we're not.) Couple that with Barry's discovery that his flesh and blood had been scheming with his mega-nemesis Reverse-Flash the whole season, and Grant Gustin likely needed something far outside the norm in order to snap back into reality.

Unsurprisingly, Grant Gustin's skin-showing post got a lot of attention, particularly from other celebs such as Arrow's Rick Gonzalez, iZombie's Rahul Kohli and Gustin's former Glee co-stars Kevin McHale and Max Adler. Robbie Amell amusingly claimed this as a "new phone background," which Roswell, New Mexico creator Carina Adly MacKenzie supported.

Of course, Stephen Amell chimed in with the most popular comment.

I might not be straight anymore.

Over the years, the Arrow-verse's Stephen Amell could often be seen (both in character and out of it) prancing about without a shirt on, and sometimes without any clothes at all. But since it'll be Arrow's final season whenever that show returns this fall, the DC superhero franchise needs someone else to step in and show off a chiseled physique. I doubt The CW will be able to go hard on showing comic book booties, though, sadly for Grant Gustin and everyone else.

Maybe we'll get Barry at the beach with the Legends of Tomorrow crew one day.

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Whenever the next batch of Arrow-verse seasons arrive, a ton of characters across the CW's multi-verse will definitely be wishing for beachside pools and sunny skies. As it has been teased in various ways, the interconnected superhero shows are honoring the iconic "Crisis on Infinite Earths" comic book arc for the next crossover event, and there's a distinct chance that many Earths will perish before the story is done. (I wonder if Earth-2's Las Ventanas al Paraiso resort is as beautiful as this one.)

The Flash will return to The CW for Season 6 on Tuesday nights this fall, with the exact date likely getting revealed a little later this summer.

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