Lena Headey Reveals Deleted Game Of Thrones Scene That Answered Cersei's Pregnancy Questions

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Lena Headey has revealed a vital piece of information about Game of Thrones, and this time it did not have anything to do with her feelings about how Cersei died. (Headey recently shared she wanted a better death for her diabolical character.) Now she is sharing something else.

Her latest revelation has to do with a deleted scene involving Cersei’s pregnancy during Season 7. Speaking at German Comic-Con, Lena Headey revealed that she filmed a scene of Cersei losing her baby for Game of Thrones' penultimate season.

In the video posted by Twitter user bb_cersei, Lena Headey describes the scene. She does not explain why it did not get used. That it did not make it into the show would seem to indicate it was not part of the series' canon.

In other words, Cersei probably did not suffer a miscarriage off-screen, and Game of Thrones never addressed it. My take is that they went in another direction.

I think the pregnancy was still progressing in Season 8 and there is evidence to support that. In the moments leading to Cersei's death, she became overwhelmed with dread. She told Jaime that she wanted their child to live, indicating they were still alive.

Plus, her costumes in Season 8 seemed to suggest a maternity style. They had more of an empire waist to them. She did continue to drink wine. You would think Qyburn would have told her to stop considering the pregnancy.

That Cersei lied and told Euron that he was the father of her baby was not all that telling of anything regarding her pregnancy. She felt betrayed by Jaime and needed to make an alliance with Euron. Making him believe he had sired a child with her helped do that.

Cersei’s stunning pregnancy announcement occurred in Season 7. She was still fresh into her role as the then-Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and living it up with her twin brother/lover Jaime. As of Season 6’s conclusion, all of Cersei and Jaime’s children had died.

Meaning House Lannister had no more living heirs and no one for Cersei to pass the kingdom onto. Then Game of Thrones revealed the Lannister line would continue via Cersei and Jaime’s new baby. The news eventually reached their brother, Tyrion.

Fans quickly speculated that Cersei was making up the pregnancy. However, the scripts for Season 7 finally provided clarity on the matter. When the penultimate season concluded, Tyrion, Jaime, and Qyburn were all in the know about the latest Lannister.

Jaime ended up leaving Cersei’s side in King’s Landing to fight the dead in the North. The two parted on terrible terms. After surviving the Battle of Winterfell, Jaime got together with Brienne briefly, before returning to Cersei. In the bedlam of Daenerys’ rampage on King’s Landing, the pair were crushed to death.

Lena Headey’s deleted scene revelation joins the scrapped direwolf scene in a growing list of what could have been. It is a lot to sift through. I am curious to have Game of Thrones’ showrunners explain what led to their decision to remove the scene and the outcome. Check out the video of Lena Headey discussing the deleted scene below:

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Game of Thrones’ final season is already available on digital. With so much to still contemplate, thank goodness summer television is providing a chance to decompress.

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