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It’s official! Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone will be back for a third season! The exciting news came before the second season even had a chance to premiere. Yes, ahead of Yellowstone's Season 2 premiere, Paramount Network announced that the drama will return for Season 3. Thus, expect further emotional investment in the upcoming season to pay off with additional episodes.

For those who have not watched, Yellowstone is a modern-day Western that follows the trials and tribulations of the Dutton family. With the action set in Montana, the Duttons own the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. While others fight them for it, inner turmoil within the family provides another combustible ingredient. Kevin Costner plays the Dutton’s patriarch, John.

The official renewal announcement is still hot off the presses, and there is already casting news for Season 3. Brace yourself, because it is sensational. Josh Holloway, who played the roguish Sawyer on ABC’s cult series Lost, has joined the cast of Yellowstone, per Deadline.

The actor will star in a role that is described as being of “major recurring” capacity. Who is he playing? This is where things get increasingly interesting. Yellowstone has cast Josh Holloway as Roarke Carter. Based on the description, he will be keeping his signature longer hairstyle for the role.

Roarke is described as a “handsome” and “charming” hedge fund manager. It is said that his plans in Montana are “ambitious.” Josh Holloway’s character sounds destined to cross paths with John Dutton’s daughter, Beth (Britannia’s Kelly Reilly). He is involved with money and she is too. It will be fun to find out if that theory is correct.

Lost Sawyer Josh Holloway ABC

Roarke could be competition to Beth’s on-again-off-again flame, Rip (The Lizzie Borden Chronicles’ Cole Hauser). If he is, hopefully he and Rip will go toe-to-toe in some scenes together. The thought of them facing off is pretty freaking exciting.

The first season of Yellowstone was a hit in the ratings, averaging 5.1 million viewers per episode. Those numbers made it 2018’s most-watched new cable series. Kevin Costner previously revealed why he said “yes” to doing the drama. From the look of one of Season 2’s teasers, the actor will be fist-fighting quite a bit as John Dutton faces increasing turmoil.

In Season 2, Yellowstone will introduce Arrow actor Neal McDonough’s menacing new character, Malcolm Beck. Seeing him and John Dutton interact should be quite a treat.

As someone who got swept away in a fevered binge with the fantastic first season, Yellowstone’s return is a personally welcomed one. I have five things that I hope happens in Season 2. It will be fun to see what gets crossed off the list.

The second season of Yellowstone premieres tonight, Wednesday, June 19 at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. The dramatic Western is part of summer’s cornucopia of television premieres.

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