JWoww's Husband Claims She's Not Even Friends With Snooki And WTF Is That Possible?

JWoww and Snooki Moms With Attitude Via YouTube

Snooki and JWoww have been MTV's iconic best friends since their days on Jersey Shore, but now word is surfacing it could all be a lie. Shortly after Snooki posted a security video of JWoww talking to police, following a dispute with her currently estranged husband Roger Matthews, Matthews popped into the comments and left a message that implied the two aren't as close as the world has been led to believe.

Nicole has never spent a single night in our home in 8 years. You will see the truth come out in the end. Nicole has many Skeleton's [sic] in her closet. Many. I have none in mine and will own every aspect of my life. Good and bad. She should stay out of matters that don't concern her.

Roger Matthews' claim that Snooki hasn't stayed at JWoww's home in 8 years is a little jarring and specific. If taken literally, that would mean Snooki hasn't stayed over with her friend when cameras weren't rolling since a year after Jersey Shore premiered on television. The two seem as thick as thieves when they're on MTV, but is that all a game for the cameras, as Roger implied on Snooki's Instagram (via Elite Daily)?

Viewers can only know so much, but Jersey Shore Family Vacation would make it seem like the two are good friends, if not the best. In fact, the pair even took the show's editing staff to task when footage was doctored to show a fight between the two that was portrayed to have ended in a manner different from what actually went down. If these two weren't that close, why would they bother trying to call out MTV?

Things have been rough between JWoww and her husband Roger Matthews, as her joining up with Jersey Shore Family Vacation has put a strain on their marriage. Roger posted some cryptic messages alluding to some troubles between them during Season 1, but the drama eventually faded as fans had other couples to focus on. It all eventually led to the surprise of JWoww filing for divorce late in the year, and Matthews vowing to win his wife back.

The couple seemed to be working on things, and shared photos of each other on a date during their wedding anniversary. Not long after, though, cops were called to the couple's house. That ultimately resulted in Roger being removed from the house away from JWoww and their children. Given all that, it's hard to say if Matthews is actually trying to reveal some dirt, or if he's stirring the pot at what is a tumultuous time in their relationship.

It sure feels like Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 will be an interesting one to watch in terms of what's happening with JWoww. The cast member was able to keep her drama out of the spotlight in Season 2, but with it all out in the open now, she might be a bit more open about the things happening between herself and Roger.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation has been renewed for Season 3 and is expected to return in 2019. For a look at what else is happening on television in the meantime, be sure to visit and bookmark our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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