Why Bachelorette Pilot Peter Weber Should Be The 2020 Bachelor, According To Colton Underwood

The 2019 Bachelor, Colton Underwood, has a pretty compelling -- but also pretty funny -- reason for wanting The Bachelorette pilot Peter Weber as the 2020 Bachelor.

Bachelor Colton is still with his non-fiancée Cassie Randoph after the fence-jumping drama of The Bachelor Season 23 finale. Colton and Cassie were recently asked to name their choices for the next Bachelor. Cassie answered first, picking Peter of Bachelorette Hannah Brown's current 2019 season, and her answer informed Colton's half-joking follow-up:

Cassie Randolph: I think Peter is super cute. I think he would be a good Bachelor.Colton Underwood: I got my eyes on you, Peter. Let's go with Peter because Cass thinks he's really cute, so let's get him off the market. [...] I think Peter has to work on his moves. Did you see him try to pick [Hannah] up for that pool table thing? That wasn't that smooth, but he can get there.

Let's be honest: Colton Underwood would need to be told how to get there himself. But I do agree that pilot Peter Weber's pool table move was more awkward than hot. But I also agree with what Cassie said to ET, that Peter is cute. I don't mind his fumbling attempts at romance. I still love that conversation he had with Hannah, asking to be her boyfriend -- joking that he didn't mind that she was still dating more than a dozen other guys.

At this point, Bachelorette Season 15 is still airing and Peter is still one of Hannah's boyfriends. Without spoiling anything, the finale spoilers themselves recently changed, potentially altering the frontrunners for who becomes the next Bachelor. If Peter becomes the 2020 Bachelor, he would be the second pilot, after Bachelor Jake Pavelka's controversial 2010 season. But he would be the first Peter, since Peter Kraus turned down the chance to be the Bachelor after Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's season.

We are still a few weeks away from Bachelorette Hannah's finale, which should end July 29, a week ahead of the rescheduled Bachelor in Paradise 2019 premiere on August 5. In the meantime, we know plenty of drama is ahead for Hannah, including Luke P. vs Garrett, Luke P. vs Hannah on the topic of sex, and then whatever is happening with that engagement ring discussion in the promo. Expect Luke P. to be involved because this is The Luke P. Show.

(I'm not convinced ABC won't push for Luke P. as the next Bachelor since he's pure drama.)

Since The Bachelor usually doesn't start filming until September for a January premiere, there's plenty of time for ABC and the producers to weigh their options after Bachelorette Hannah's season, and potentially even after Bachelor in Paradise.

Do you want Peter Weber to be the 2020 Bachelor? Would you pick another contestant from Bachelorette Hannah Brown's season, assuming she doesn't pick him for herself? What about Peter Kraus, is he totally out of consideration forever?

The Bachelorette Season 15 continues Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC, and it will be followed by Bachelor in Paradise, which may also offer some potential Bachelor 2020 candidates.

Gina Carbone

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