The Bachelor 2020 Race Has Changed After Updated Bachelorette Finale Spoilers

Shirtless Tyler C. gives The Bachelorette Hannah a massage ABC screenshot

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from Hannah Brown's The Bachelorette 2019 Season 15.

Who will be the 2020 Bachelor? The next Bachelor is usually, although not always, chosen from the previous crop of The Bachelorette rejects. One of Hannah Brown's drama kings is still the most likely candidate to hand out roses in the 2020 season, but now it may not be one of the guys we assumed.

You may have seen that Reality Steve changed his spoilers on who Bachelorette Hannah picks in the finale. His sources had said she picked Tyler Cameron, with Jed Wyatt as runner-up. Recently, he reversed that call, saying he's now confident Hannah is engaged to Jed, presumably with Tyler C. still as the runner-up. (Jimmy Kimmel may have confirmed that Jed call, which would definitely put Jed on the list of controversial "winners," based on all the tea from his alleged ex-girlfriend.)

So, if the new spoilers are true, that would put Tyler C. in the running to be the 2020 Bachelor. That was welcome news to many fans, especially after they saw his shirtless massage scene (see photo above) in ABC's new promo for the rest of Bachelorette Hannah's season.

Bachelorette Hannah meets pilot Peter on the 2019 premiere ABC

Up to this point, The Bachelor 2020 looked like a race between pilot Peter Weber and portfolio manager Mike Johnson, who would be the first non-white Bachelor.

The Bachelor usually films from roughly September to November for an early January premiere. So, in theory, ABC could pick a guy from Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, which will air after Bachelorette Hannah's season. If that's the case, we could throw in names like John Paul Jones or -- spoiler alert -- Connor Saeli, who is still on Hannah's season as of Episode 6 but was already spoiled for later episodes of Bachelor in Paradise.

However, it is most likely that one of Hannah's finalists will be the next dude.

Bachelorette hannah meets Mike on the 2019 premiere ABC

According to Reality Steve, Bachelorette Hannah's final four are Luke Parker, Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron, and Jed Wyatt. Mike was said to be eliminated before hometowns, but he is definitely still a contender to be The Bachelor.

I'd say all of her final five -- except the guy she picks, obviously -- are legit contenders. Yes, even Luke P.

Sure, he's been called a "psychopath," but he's good for drama. His season of The Bachelor would be A MESSSSSSS. Plenty of fans would threaten not to watch and a few would follow through with that. But imagine the kind of bachelorettes he would have falling for him. They'd be just as intense and probably a little unhinged. I'd watch. I don't care.

Bachelorette Hannah meets Luke P. again on the 2019 premiere ABC

Not saying Luke P. is my first choice, just saying don't be shocked if the producers dangle that idea to tempt the fans who are on his side and will probably stay on his side through his sex fight with Bachelorette Hannah.

I don't know that we've spent enough time getting to know Hannah's bachelors yet, as she has complained herself. I'm surprised at this point that she's leaning toward Jed over Tyler C., but I may have been projecting from the assumed spoiler that she picks Tyler C. in the end.

I like any of these Bachelor 2020 options -- Mike, Tyler, Peter ... or Luke P. because I love messy drama. The first three probably wouldn't give us too much messy drama on their own ends (unless Peter pulls another pool table move), although they'd get plenty of drama from the women, since that's always the case. That's assuming the new spoilers are correct and Bachelorette Hannah does pick Jed. If she doesn't pick Jed, I guess Tyler is out again. (Jed would not be in.)

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Honestly, if you like a Bachelorette contestant, it's better that he doesn't become the Bachelor, because the rose-giver always falls under intense scrutiny and lets fans down. Happens at least once every season.

The Bachelorette Season 15 is still trucking onward, and we're only up to Episode 6 this Monday, June 24 because last week was half a recap episode. That pushes the big Luke P. vs Garrett showdown another week down the road, but that's coming, along with the big bird-flip from Hannah to Luke. The craziness continues Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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