Yellowstone Is Already Taking A Short Break, Check Out The Latest Trailer

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(Image credit: Paramount Network)
(Image credit: Paramount Network)

Yellowstone just delivered another phenomenal episode, which makes this announcement all the more bittersweet. Due to the July 4th holiday, the cable series to beat in the ratings will be taking a short break. So, there will be no new episode next week. The good news is that it does extend the show’s on-air run a bit. To tide you over, check out the latest trailer:

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If you thought that John Dutton’s significant decision regarding the ranch was a big move, this Yellowstone trailer hints at more of them. First, let’s back up a bit before diving into that shocking Dutton declaration at the end. It seems like everyone is still coming for the Duttons and the ranch.

This glimpse at Yellowstone Season 2 offers a more in-depth look at a much-anticipated new character. Arrow actor Neal McDonough’s mysterious Malcolm Beck has yet to make his on-screen debut. This preview gives viewers a sense of where his arc may be headed.

He goes to what appears to be the ranch and tells Kevin Costner’s John Dutton they have a mutual "problem." John makes it clear that his problems are his alone. Sounds like Malcolm is trying to angle for an alliance, only to meet significant resistance.

This is going to be interesting. I do not think that Malcolm likes to hear “no.” Or anything along those lines. Just a guess. Albeit, Malcolm can be seen tearing up an office at one point and destroying a perfectly good television. He's apparently got quite a temper!

In other Dutton developments, Jamie and Beth are also squaring off. They have yet to do so in Season 2. Yellowstone fans better brace themselves because it looks like things between the siblings are going to be tense. Beth can be seen grabbing Jamie by the hair and taking him into the living room at the ranch.

John is sitting near the fire with a drink in hand. He stands up to see his squabbling adult children. What happens next is going to leave a lot for Yellowstone fans to speculate about. A seething Beth says, “you tell him” to Jamie. John, apparently in the same scene, asks, “what did you do to me?” He does not seem happy.

What did Jamie do to John? Why on earth is Jamie back at the ranch? Did he have a change of heart after all? It would seem like Jamie has. Is it genuine and what did he do to his family, while he was away? Will we learn what it is before Season 3? Yes, the show is already renewed.

There is also a crime scene. If what is shown and the audio go hand-in-hand, it looks like John Dutton is at it. Speaking of crime scenes, there is an incredibly disquieting visual at the 49-second mark. Here is what Yellowstone viewers see:

Yellowstone Paramount Network

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Someone is lying on the ground, while another person in a cowboy hat and boots leans back in distress. Is the person near the car dead or unconscious? Who are the two people? I cannot tell. It is an upsetting sight to behold.

Yellowstone is only two episodes into the second season and so much has already happened. The Season 2 premiere shocker, among them. Could another one of my wishes get crossed off the list? A lot that has gotten teased has yet to take effect. Rip and Kayce had a massive fight in Episode 2. However, John Dutton’s multiple fistfights have yet to occur. Now to the big thing.

The teaser ends with John telling Kayce they are “going to kill him” or “them.” Who is it that John is talking about? Viewers should eventually find out. This Yellowstone teaser offers no shortage of suspects.

Find out who Kevin Costner’s John Dutton is aiming for when the Western continues. New episodes of Yellowstone air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. The show is part of what summer television has in store.

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