Lucifer's Tom Ellis Celebrates A Perfect Personal Milestone

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Tom Ellis has got a lot to celebrate and be proud of in his life. He's got a hit Netflix show, he's got a head full of perfectly coifed hair, and he's likely still celebrating his recent marriage to screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer. (They wed on June 1.) Here recently, Ellis was able to publicly celebrate another milestone of sorts that wouldn't mean nearly as much if Lucifer wasn't back in our lives on Netflix.

Below, fans can check out the distinct and devilishly perfect high mark that Tom Ellis attained on Twitter, as shared through an Instagram post.

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Isn't that spot on? Obviously I'm referring to the fact that actor racked up over 666,000 followers, with the first half of that number tying in nicely with the evil at the heart of his titular character. It's one of the only truly universal number achievements that one can make on social media, and there isn't another follower total that'll be nearly as interesting to attain for Lucifer stars. I suppose the next goal will be to reach 666 million social media loyalists.

Tom Ellis is obviously pumped about it all, as he'd been keeping track of how close he was getting to the 666 mark (of the beast). He'd noted on Twitter when he was around 800 new followers away from horning in on that desired grand total. And now that he's reached it, his list of squad goals shrinks by one.

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Now, let's pretend for a moment that reaching 666K followers could actually unlock genuine paranormal abilities within the real Tom Ellis, who chooses to use them for good, rather than for evil. Well, maybe just a little evil, by Ellis' own human standards.

By "good" in that hypothetical scenario, I specifically mean convincing Netflix to move Lucifer's official end date to some undisclosed time over the known horizon, thus reversing the previously announced cancellation after Season 5. Not to sound greedy or ungracious or anything for the two seasons that Netflix did order, but...

I suppose if Tom Ellis ever actually did have 666 million fans grouped together online, keeping Lucifer on the air wouldn't be quite as difficult. Meet and greets would be all but impossible, however.

Unfortunately, unless Netflix is specifically the one to spin the dial back around to order up Season 6, it doesn't look like fans' efforts to get more made will be very successful. Largely because the creative team came together and agreed that this would be conceived as Lucifer's final chapter.

Showrunner Ildy Modrovich recently explained that more directly while putting a pin in hopes for Lucifer's future beyond the ten episodes in Season 5.

In case anyone thinks that Tom Ellis stands in disagreement with that decision, he shared Modrovich's post himself with the following note:

To all #lucifans please read this. Hopefully it will help clear up all the confusion out there. We Love you and are beyond grateful for your support and love for our show.

For now, though, we've still got more Lucifer on the way whenever Season 5 gets here in 2020. And the entirety of Season 4 can currently be streamed on Netflix, along with the first three seasons. (And those standalone episodes that aired between 3 and 4.) While waiting to hear more about what's on the way, try to track down some other numerical milestones that are happening on social media.

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