Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe Defends Hannah Having Sex In Windmill

Kaitrlyn bristowe and hannah brown windmill sex

This season’s Bachelorette contestant, Hannah Brown, has been in the news a lot. She at one point called herself “a hot mess on a stick,” and as the season has worn on, the 24-year-old reality star has only continued making headlines. In a promo earlier this week, it was revealed Brown has had sex before and even done it in weird locations. I feel like I’m burying the lede, because she’s talking about having sex in a windmill.

Hard to gloss over that. Still, the reality star ended up receiving a lot of flack for the promo reveal on social media. Now, former Bachelorette lead and Bachelor contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe has taken a strong stance on social media defending Hannah Brown’s choice.

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s response came after a fan pointed out similarities between Bristowe’s run and Hannah Brown’s on the popular series, noting they both had been slut-shamed during their time on TV. No one made Bristowe respond to the fan, but it looks like she felt it was important to work on stopping the conversation currently surrounding the earlier promo. Continuing her defense, Bristowe went on from there to mention the fact the Bible does not say anyone should date like 25 people at a time, then take 3 to a fantasy suite and choose one for a husband, but that people still watch The Bachelorette.

The real question I’d like to ask all of these people on social media is: If you had the chance to have intimate relations in a windmill with someone you are comfortable with and you know there will be no ramifications for having sex in said windmill, would you really skip the windmill sex?

Really? Still, Hannah's faith has been a big talking point this season and premarital sex and faith don't typically mix together well.

If you haven’t caught the promo in question, Hannah actually points out she’s being judged for her sexual history, which she says on camera seems pretty unfair to her. She goes on to say that Jesus still loves her, despite the fact she’s had sex. In a windmill. Twice.

It’s not quite Snooki getting punched in the face, but it’s pretty compelling stuff for a TV promo. If you haven't caught the whole exchange, don't take it from me. You can watch the whole scene and the ensuing confessional unfold, below.

Although Bristowe has come out to defend Hannah Brown, The Bachelorette star has been doing a fine job of that herself. Unfortunately, reality TV stardom does come with strings attached and in this case, that includes criticisms of her faith and personal sexual history. You can catch more talk of windmill sex when The Bachelorette airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on ABC.

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