Kaley Cuoco's Harley Quinn Show Is A 'Tad R-Rated,' She Warns With New Trailer

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Ever since Margot Robbie thrust Harley Quinn back into the mainstream (which has some downsides for the actress) with her portrayal in Suicide Squad, Joker's long-time lover has been the new hotness DC has been looking to capitalize on. Plenty of efforts exist on the film side to keep Harley in the limelight, and the streaming platform DC Universe has the honor of hosting the first animated series that has Quinn front and center.

With that being said, any parent psyched to hunker down with their children to watch this upcoming adventure should think twice. Star Kaley Cuoco said it best when she posted the trailer for Harley Quinn on social media, this animated series is a "tad R-rated."

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There's gratuitous swearing, Joker shooting someone at point-blank range, and he's taking a shot to the groin courtesy of Harley? Yeah, I can see why Kaley Cuoco wanted to get the warning out on her Instagram, especially when the animation for Harley Quinn looks like something DC would run on Cartoon Network in primetime.

Obviously, a viewing of this quick trailer will confirm that's not the case, and that DC Universe is really pushing the raunch factor with its latest original. Several animated comedies like The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy have thrived in that territory, but can Harley Quinn pull it off? Audiences online seem willing to give it a chance, although more than a few have expressed a fear the series may falter by "trying too hard."

With that said, this trailer is just over a minute long, so perhaps everyone should hold on any too bold takes regarding disappointment for now. After all, Harley Quinn has pulled a ton of funny actors to voice this series, including Alan Tudyk who will be voicing The Joker. He'll take a back seat in this story as the show will follow Harley post-breakup and working on her goal of joining the Legion of Doom.

She'll have plenty of help in that goal, as the latest look showed Harley Quinn teaming up with her old pal Poison Ivy, and other iconic Batman villains like Clayface and Doctor Psycho. Together, it looks like they'll be causing all sorts of mayhem and destruction, likely all in the name of rubbing shoulders with other Legion members like Lex Luthor and Deadshot. Even Batman, who can be seen in the full trailer below, gets in on the action.

Does it look like they're teaming up to anyone else? That's probably not the case, but hey, perhaps Bats realized he could use Quinn's help tracking down Joker or something. Whatever the case may be, I wouldn't think we'll see these two interacting a ton.

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