Big Mouth Gets Huge Renewal At Netflix, And There's More Good News

Big Mouth Netflix
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Big Mouth has gotten a massive renewal from Netflix. The third season of the adult animated series has yet to debut, however, there is already significant news about its future. Netflix has announced that it has renewed the show for three more seasons! Meaning that fans are guaranteed to reach Season 6. And, the good news does not end there.

Netflix has signed an overall deal with Big Mouth’s creative team. The streaming giant has signed on with Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett’s animation production company, Brutus Pink. Part of the deal includes Big Mouth’s multi-season renewal, as well as a "variety" of animated film and television projects that Netflix's press release said would be “adult, funny,” and “emotional.”

So, if you enjoy Big Mouth, there should be no shortage of upcoming content with a lot in common with it to keep you entertained. The renewal news comes after two seasons and a Valentine’s Day special. That unique installment premiered ahead of Season 3 in February of this year.

Big Mouth premiered back in September 2017. A month later, it got renewed for a second season. Season 2 premiered about a year later in October 2018. The following month, Netflix renewed the series for a third season, which fans are still waiting on. Unfortunately, it will not be among the new shows arriving on Netflix this August.

If Season 3 ends up sticking to Big Mouth’s traditional release pattern, this fall seems like a possible window to expect it in. Of course, that is just speculation. At least there was that Valentine’s special to help fill the void!

For fans awaiting the arrival of Season 3 this is great news, as it means there is no end to Big Mouth in sight for years. Rarely do television fans get that kind of peace of mind, but it is becoming more of a trend recently and has been done by at least two network shows in the not-so-distant past.

Big Mouth follows several seventh graders as they navigate coming-of-age tribulations relating to puberty. Series co-creator Nick Kroll also voices one of the lead characters, Nick Birch. It sounds like the cartoon sitcom will have plenty of time to keep exploring its characters’ next steps in their maturation.

That Netflix is going with a bold multi-season renewal for Big Mouth is a considerable sign regarding its confidence in the series. Backing more of its original content long-term does fall in line with why the streamer says it is a good thing it is losing The Office and Friends: more money to spend on originals! It is clearly wasting no time in getting to that.

The first two seasons of Big Mouth, along with that Valentine’s special, are streaming on Netflix, beside many upcoming premieres. For additional entertainment options, check out all of this summer’s premieres.

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