Tom Ellis Reveals The Lucifer Guest Star He Found 'Quite Annoying'

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Tom Ellis has revealed the Lucifer guest star that he found “quite annoying.” To get to the bottom of the story, you have to head back multiple episodes and seasons. It all leads back to the eighth episode of Season 2 entitled "Trip to Stabby Town." You can currently stream it on Netflix, if you need a refresher.

To quickly recap, that is the Lucifer episode that involved the theft of Azrael’s blade by a human. Lucifer ended up connecting it to a series of stabbings that involved a local yoga studio. The place’s guru was Jenson Glory, whose real name was Jamie Ostrowski. Actor Ryan Alosio played the role. Now to what Tom Ellis told JimHeath.TV:

There was a guest star on the show, I’m quite a tolerant person, but they really wound me up. I found him quite annoying.

Even though the guest star came and went, a part of their time on the show had not. Lucifer, aka one of Netflix users’ favorite shows, had made a lot of cutouts for Ryan Alosio’s character Jenson Glory. As in a lot of them. That is how a prank got started. One that was done on Tom Ellis’ birthday.

Tom Ellis explained the incident, saying:

His character had a lot of cardboard cutouts made of him, for a part of their set dressing, basically. So a couple weeks after this guy is not around anymore, it’s my birthday and I basically open the trailer door and I walk in and am confronted by about twelve of these full-size cardboard cutouts of the most annoying person I’ve ever met!

Nothing like a “Happy Birthday” prank to get the day in high gear. That is not where it ended for Tom Ellis. The Lucifer star went on to reveal that the cutouts also appeared in his bathroom. His co-star Lauren German (Chloe) acknowledged that she had somehow managed to fit a giant one in the bathroom, which Ellis described as “tiny.”

Tom Ellis clearly finds the incident quite memorable, as it had to have occurred a while ago. Keep in mind, the episode of Lucifer that guest star was in aired almost three years ago, back on November 14, 2016. Interestingly just a few days before Ellis’ birthday, which is on November 17.

Plenty of time to have watched a good television show to get past it. Tom Ellis recently revealed one that made him quite emotional. As well as how things have been going in the gym. All is well that ends well.

You should not expect the guest star mentioned above back, given the way his arc ended. However, there is one big villain that a Lucifer star wants back, so stay tuned to see if that ends up happening.

Netflix just made the final season much larger. Lucifer got a significant increase in its episode count. It was initially set to be considerably smaller. Not anymore! Back in June, Tom Ellis said that he would see fans “in hell” for Season 5. Shortly after the announcement that the show was ending, the cast reacted, and so did fans.

Lucifer fans started a petition to get the show a sixth season. One of the show’s showrunners weighed in with how they felt about it before then weighing in on why fans should not push for Season 6. At least, there is more to say farewell with!

Lucifer Seasons 1 through 4 are currently streaming on Netflix, along with many premieres. A premiere date for Lucifer’s fifth and final season has not gotten unveiled yet. While waiting for news on it, this summer’s television options should help keep you satisfied.

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