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Lucifer's Tom Ellis Revealed That Netflix's Queer Eye Makes Him Cry 'More Than E.T.'

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Tom Ellis is a man of many emotions. The Lucifer star has revealed one show that made him feel a lot of them. Leading the actor to cry more than he did when watching Steven Spielberg’s classic film, E.T., Netflix’s Queer Eye is the show that deserves all of the credit. Ellis revealed his enthusiasm for the show in a recent tweet, saying:

Dear @QueerEye I thought nothing would make me cry more than ET. That was until I discovered QE. I absolutely love the kindness and fun that you wonderful men spread. It never fails to make me cry and smile. Please can me and my wife be your friends? she has Amazing hair @jvn

I wonder if Queer Eye can somehow get Tom Ellis to guest star on its next season? Given that Queer Eye and Ellis’ Lucifer both stream on Netflix, it seems feasible. That, or the Queer Eye cast could have a role on Lucifer’s fifth and final season. There was that recent crossover with another series, so you have to think anything is at least possible.

Lucifer’s titular star undoubtedly wants to go out with his best foot forward as he prepares for the final season. Tom Ellis’ dedication to his workouts proves that he is trying to come into Season 5 as ripped as possible. Go out on top! When he is not in the gym, Ellis is evidently enjoying his downtime with the inspiring Netflix series.

Jonathan Van Ness is ready to be friends too! The magic of social media is still alive and well because Van Ness responded to Tom Ellis’ tweet. The result? Friendship is in the works! Check out Van Ness’ response to Ellis:

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What a wonderful ending! Social media magic was not done yet, though. The fourth season of the reality series recently premiered, and you are clearly not the only one binging Queer Eye. As you likely imagined, Tom Ellis is not the show and its star’s sole celebrity fan either.

Outlander’s Sam Heughan joined in, replying to Tom Ellis’ tweet. It turns out that, Heughan also wants to be friends with the Queer Eye cast. He even offered a compelling reason via GIF to make his case. Heughan tweeted:

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Intense! That hair definitely needs Jonathan Van Ness’ help stat! How can he and the rest of the cast say no to help in such a dire grooming emergency? Well, Van Ness weighed in with a response to Sam Heughan’s hilarious tweet with the following:

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That's short and sweet, while acknowledging the hilarity at hand. Apparently, Sam Heughan felt like it was mission accomplished too! The Outlander star responded to Jonathan Van Ness’ response with a “mission accomplished” style GIF. Check it out:

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Okay, who else is ready for the Queer Eye cast and Outlander’s Sam Heughan to put in a cameo before Lucifer ends? The show better get on this quickly, if it is going to happen. There are only so many episodes of the series left. You have to plot these things out in advance.

Some Lucifer fans are not ready to let go of the show, and they started a petition for Season 6. The showrunner has weighed in with why fans should not push Netflix for another series.

Seasons 1 through 4 of Lucifer are currently streaming on Netflix, along with many premieres. A precise premiere date for Lucifer’s fifth and final season has not gotten announced yet. While waiting, this summer’s television options will be filled with new and returning shows. Stay tuned!

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