Jen Harley Speaks Out About Drunk Uncle Nino Yelling At Her On Jersey Shore Family Vacation

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation recently showed the The Situation’s wedding, and though it looked like the big event was a powder keg of drama just waiting for the fuse to be lit, a match was never struck to light it. It wasn’t for a lack of trying either as the show invited Vinny Guadagnino’s wild Uncle Nino to the fun, and sent him straight for Jen Harley to call her out.

Those who are fans of the franchise know Uncle Nino has been unhinged since the Jersey Shore days, but he was especially wild on the night of the wedding. Nino plopped down next to Ronnie’s baby mama and began to confront her about each and every major headline in which she physically assaulted, extorted, or physically dragged Ronnie.

The episode showed a shocked Jen excuse herself from the table after a while, but how did she really feel following the encounter? Harley shared how she felt about the exchange on Instagram when a fan asked if she wanted to slap him for all he said.

Lol, no he's a nice guy he didn't bother me. Just thought it was inappropriate [to bring up] at the wedding.

Even the most level-headed of individuals probably would've snapped at Uncle Nino for being so direct and rude, but Jen Harley kept her cool. To be fair, it may be more accurate to say she seemed shell-shocked by the bluntness of what happened, and didn't want to appear in yet another headline that involved ruining The Situation's wedding. The mother was able to keep it all in check, and excused herself from Nino before he could get any wilder.

All credit to Jersey Shore Family Vacation's editing staff on this one, because it appears things were shown the way Jen said they were. She's complained about the way the show has edited her conversations in the past, but this scene seems to jive with Harley's general feeling about how the conversation went down.

In defense of Jen Harley, it was pretty bold of Uncle Nino to poke the bear and try to embarrass her or get a reaction at an event like this. In fact, it's kind of surprising that Nino even keeps up with the drama of the cast, considering he's only been on the show a maybe half a dozen times since Jersey Shore. Not to play conspiracy theorist here, but the whole scene felt a lot like Nino approached at a producer's suggestion in an effort to mix up some drama.

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Which, to be quite honest, wasn't necessary as Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 is really going to get into some big stuff here soon as it continues on MTV Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on reality television and all the excitement that's on the way with fall television.

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