Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Will Jen Harley Crash The Situation's Wedding?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Read at your own risk!

The countdown to The Situation's wedding (on the show) is on, and Jersey Shore Family Vacation is about as tense as its ever been. The Ronnie drama is at an all time high as the most controversial member of the cast is bringing up some personal issues with hours to go before the big day. Ronnie's mad because he feels like he's a joke to everyone, and that they don't really care enough about his problems enough to help him.

Meanwhile Vinny Guadagnino, Pauly D, and even The Situation's wedding planner is trying to run interference on Ronnie, and make sure he doesn't ruin The Situation and Lauren Pesce's (now Sorrentino) big day. A new clip previewing the big wedding has hit the web, and it shows the planner asking Ronnie if his problematic girlfriend Jen Harley will be be appearing.

Is Jen Harley going to crash The Situation's wedding? It's a question that, even though the wedding was months ago, we're still not entirely sure about. Jen Harley told outlets that she and Ronnie would be attending the wedding, but so far, only Ronnie has showed and he came much later than he should've. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast assumed the late arrival was tied to his missing teeth, which they believe was caused by Jen.

For those wondering if Ronnie will cut and run before the big moment, we already have photographic evidence he was at the big day. Ronnie was seen in dance gear along with the rest of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation guys, so he was clearly at the reception. Jen Harley was not seen in the picture, but she did post a video from a New Jersey salon that shows she was in town the big day.

There is an added bit to this story that may or may not be relevant. TMZ reported that the night before The Situation's wedding, he was spotted talking to Ronnie in a diner. The two's talk involved The Situation being happy that Ronnie was there to be his best man, and that Situation one day hoped he could be a best man at Ronnie's future wedding. Was this some conversation that led to Situation allowing for Jen to attend?

Maybe, although it needs to be said that the only one who has really barred Jen Harley from coming is Ronnie. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star was heard saying he didn't wish to subject her to his cast mates, and while his friends haven't been the kindest in talking about her, they haven't said she can't come. Ronnie has her listed as a plus one, and unless the wedding planner is about to tell him that's been revoked, she'll probably show up.

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