Sarah Michelle Gellar Has An Emotional New TV Show In The Works

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Sarah Michelle Gellar has an emotional new TV show in the works. The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star has signed on for a new dramedy. Prepare for another book-to-TV adaptation. The in-development series is being brought to the screen by creators that Gellar has worked with before.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is attached to star in Other People’s Houses if ordered to series, per TheWrap. Along with starring in the TV show, she would executive produce it. The adaptation of Abbi Waxman’s 2018 book is from Ringer (which starred Gellar) creators Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder.

“Through the lens of social media,” the dramedy tells the story of nine people living in the well-to-do suburbs of Los Angeles. In the wealthy neighborhood of Larchmont Village, they navigate life’s emotional highs and lows. All the while, trying to solve their lives as partners, parents, friends, and neighbors. There will be a lot going on here!

How the “lens of social media” will play a role is interesting to me. The description indicates Other People’s Houses could be told using it, which makes me think of the style used by the John Cho starrer Searching.

Specifics on who Sarah Michelle Gellar will play on the series if it gets an order were not revealed. The series will mark Gellar’s latest foray into television. Earlier this year, there was news regarding Gellar leading a thrilling new series.

The new project reunites Sarah Michelle Gellar with the Ringer team. Fans will recall that Gellar starred in that single-season drama about a pair of twins in 2011, one of whom assumes their sister’s identity. Other People’s Houses will not apparently feature that dramatic of a twist. It will feature an incredibly emotional premise, though.

The fan-favorite actress recently put in a surprise cameo in The Big Bang Theory’s series finale as herself. After Ringer got cancelled Sarah Michelle Gellar starred opposite Robin Williams in CBS sitcom, The Crazy Ones. That show ran for one season, which ended in 2014.

Will Other People’s Houses break the mold? Fans will have to wait and see. As someone who mightily enjoyed Ringer and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s performance in it, I am excited she is reuniting with its creators. She is a versatile actress, and a fusion of comedy and drama will suit her well.

Other People’s Houses sounds like another entry into the sprawling ensemble pieces that TV fans have been devouring as of late. Fox is probably hoping they have found the answer to NBC’s This Is Us and ABC’s freshman hit, A Million Little Things.

The Sarah Michelle Gellar starrer has not gotten picked up to series. So, fans will have to stay tuned to see if it gets the green light. A talented lead actress and an intriguing premise? It all bodes well for the series. Other People’s Houses is executive produced by Neil Meron and Mark Nicholson.

While waiting see if Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new show makes it to series, stay tuned to this fall’s premieres.

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