Big Brother Spoilers: Holly Just Snapped On The Crew With An F-Bomb

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. Read at your own risk!

There's some drama brewing as always in the Big Brother house, but for once in Season 21, it isn't due to nominations. Here, the excitement stems from the fact that almost no Houseguest in the current lineup is capable of keeping any secrets under wraps. Holly Allen found herself in trouble with the production crew for discussing details of her experience in the Diary Room with another Houseguest, and she fired back accordingly.

The contentious moment happened while Holly and Christie were having a conversation about their interviews in the Diary Room, and Holly mentioned that she came up with something she thought was very funny, but it sounded like she was re-directed by producers to say something else. Holly apparently then caught a lecture from said producers for discussing that Diary Room incident with Christie, and she came right back with an F-bomb  in return.

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Man, being Head of Household will make anyone feel invincible! Holly was having none of the producer's admonishment, and she may have angered Big Brother execs further by alleging that she's not being allowed to say what she actually wants to in the Diary Room. Whether she knew it or not, she touched on a complaint that many Big Brother fans have shared for a while, in that the Diary Room segments now feel scripted, repetitive, and not as authentic as they're supposed to be.

That's not necessarily a new issue on Big Brother, but it is one that has seemed to worsen during Season 21. Mostly, every Houseguest hits the same "best for my game" bullet points, rattles off their catchphrase, and doesn't show a ton of personality outside of the occasional crying. If Holly is to be believed, that scripted nature may be because producers are discouraging the Houseguests' legitimate reactions, and are pushing them to give different responses for one reason or another.

Before anyone straps on a tin foil hat and starts talking about how Big Brother is a completely pre-determined game, it's possible the crew's reason for interjecting in Holly's conversation with Christie wasn't due to feared exposure. The producers obviously need to direct interviews and conversations towards certain elements of the game, and must be careful how things get worded, since not everyone in the house is aware of every big-picture element happening in the game. If two Houseguests were to compare and analyze the questions they were asked, they may be directed to game details they wouldn't have otherwise.

Then again, it's not like anything is a real secret in Season 21 of Big Brother, except for maybe that Christie and Tommy know each other. But even that secret nearly got spoiled by a wild fan with a megaphone. An argument could be made that the crew didn't like Holly claiming they aren't letting her speak freely, and wanted to squash that before it becomes a big thing. If that was the case, calling her out on it in view of anyone else probably wasn't the best call.

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Big Brother nominations are in, and we'll see if Nick is able to "pull a Christie" against Christie and somehow stay alive in this game. Tune into episodes on CBS (opens in new tab) Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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