Big Brother Spoilers: How The Veto Ceremony Played Out For Nick

Big Brother 21 Nick walks by nominations for himself and Christie CBS live feeds shot

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Time to manifest the Veto Ceremony truth for Nick and Christie in Big Brother 21 Week 9, aka Prank Week. So far, the joke is on Nick.

Nick Maccarone is America's Prankster, and he put Christie Murphy on the block, which is probably what most of the CBS voters wanted him to do. However, Holly Allen is Head of Household and Nick is her target. That was also the case back in Week 5, but this time Nick did not save himself with a Veto win. Instead, Jackson Michie won the Veto during Saturday's comp, and since Jackson is Holly's showmance partner, Nick knew that was bad for him.

So Nick got desperate and made a last-minute pitch on Sunday, ahead of Monday's Veto Ceremony. I love that he's fighting, I'm just not sure any of his plans are going to work. But Nick did say he had a weird feeling he's going to stay this week. Is he manifesting his own safety? Christie, ironically, might appreciate that.

Nick made a hail mary move of telling Christie, Jackson, and Holly that he's America's Prankster. His pitch was for Jackson to take Christie off the block, then Nick could replace her with whoever else they wanted. He suggested there were others in the house who wanted showmances out. He didn't name names, though. He knew Jackson wouldn't use the Veto on him, because Jackson already said so. But Nick wanted to prove loyalty to that whole group by saying he'd name whoever they wanted and it would save Christie too.

Holly wasn't going for it, and neither was Jackson. Jackson told Nick right before the Veto Ceremony that it wasn't going to work out, and gave his many reasons for not using the Veto. Here's how the Veto Ceremony played out on Monday, August 26:

Who Won Veto?: JacksonDid He Use The Veto At The Veto Ceremony?: NoWho Are The Final Nominees For Eviction? Nick and ChristieWho Will Be Evicted On Thursday, August 29? Nick is still HoH Holly's current target, and will probably be evicted, but this is where it gets fun...

Last week showed we really do have to expect the unexpected on Big Brother. The week before, we thought there might be a vote flip to keep Kat, but that didn't happen. However, last week Christie managed to make arguments to keep herself over Sis.

Big Brother 21 Holly and Jackson in HoH bed CBS

However, Nick is not a passive non-threat like Sis. Sis assumed she'd stay. Nick and Christie will both be campaigning hard to stay in the house, and neither is likely to assume they'll be safe. Christie may be the pawn, but she's still Christie and no one is likely to forget it.

That Veto Ceremony pitch was just round one for Nick. He's not done. He is emboldened and has a campaign planned. He wants to try to get Jackson, Cliff Hogg III, and Nicole Anthony on his side. He may assume he has Nicole, if not Cliff, but Nicole and Cliff are cozying up to Holly and Jackson for a final four deal. Tommy Bracco already told Christie he wouldn't vote against her. Jessica Milagros is also close to Christie. That's part of why Nick was pushing to get Christie off the block, since she made too many deals to protect herself as the pawn -- for however long that lasts.

Jackson is going to do what Holly wants and I'd be shocked if she changed her mind on wanting Nick out. Nick's pitch only solidified how dangerous he is as a player. That said, he's currently sitting next to a very dangerous player in Christie too. They are both known to make deals to cover their own butts, then shift in a new direction once their butts are no longer in direct danger.

It's looking like Nick will be evicted on Thursday, but keep an eye on the CBS feeds for Nick's post-Veto Ceremony campaign, because it will probably be good. Big Brother 2019 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS. Who would YOU vote to evict this week -- Nick or Christie -- and why?

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