Big Brother Spoilers: Who Was Evicted, Kat Or Cliff?

Big Brother 21 Cliff's Angels 2019 CBS

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SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

I remember the first week of Big Brother 21, when Kathryn Dunn was already threatening to quit. Now it's Week 7 and she's fighting to stay in the 2019 game. The bitches really are conspiring against her. Sad.

UPDATE: Despite Kat's best efforts to save herself, she really only succeeded in making things worse both for herself and her former Cliff's Angels alliance. Jess was the only one to vote to evict Cliff. Jackson and Holly went ahead and voted with The House, as they said they would if the wind shifted in that direction. Jess may end up the next target, if she wasn't already, along with Jackson and Holly. Nicole and Cliff may also be in a tough spot after everything blew up. It all depends on who wins HoH next!

Back to original post:

Tommy Bracco is the Head of Household and he nominated Kat and Cliff Hogg III for eviction. Thanks to the America's Field Trip twist, Christie Murphy ended up sitting on the block. But only briefly. Tommy went ahead and also won the Veto. During Monday's Veto Ceremony, he took Christie off the block. The same Christie he knew before Big Brother 2019 because Christie dated his aunt for seven years.

Sorry, but I'm not over that. And I know it's just part of the game, but it galls me that Kat and Holly Allen have been called out for knowing each other when no one in there knows Tommy and Christie knew each other for even longer. But Jackson Michie was dumb enough to tell Jack Matthews about Kat and Holly, and Jack tried to flip the house over it before he was evicted. And that's the difference.

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Anyway, there was no replacement for the third nominee. So either Kat or Cliff will be evicted on Thursday, August 15, 2019.

Right now -- Wednesday evening -- it's still looking like Kat will be evicted.

Kat is HoH Tommy's target. Christie, Analyse Talavera, Nick Maccarone -- who finally picked a side, and went with the wrong one -- and Nicole Anthony are voting to evict Kat.

Nicole is close to Kat but even closer to Cliff. It's not like she's working with former members of Gr8ful, she just happens to have an awful decision this week. Sadly, one of Cliff's Angels has to go.

Big Brother 21 Cliff's Angels 2019 CBS

Holly Allen -- who knot only knew Kat in advance, she also dated a former Bachelorette heartthrob -- wants to keep Kat. She and Jackson Michie and I think Jessica Milagros were all hoping to keep Kat over Cliff.

Seven houseguests vote this week, so there will be no tie. Unless someone flips, it looks like Kat will be evicted. It's a shame to lose her for several reasons -- she's good in comps, great in Diary Room sessions, has the funniest one-liners, and probably would've made some big moves as HoH.

Kat really came to play, and I'm happy to see she's not going down without fighting for her life. Which is not to say that she's campaigning against Cliff. Kat calls Cliff dad and he calls her daughter. She was crying after the OTEV Veto comp because she rushed ahead of him to try and win. It didn't even work, and she felt awful, but Cliff didn't blame her.

Cliff is already injured, so he's seen as less of a threat to win the next HoH or PoV. That's been cited as a factor in keeping him, but Tommy already wanted Kat out. She's been playing both sides of the house a lot better than Nick ever did, and she's good with everyone. That's a threat to someone like Tommy, who is trying to be everybody's buddy, while making it clear his side is with the six (which now includes Nick).

Is a double eviction on the horizon? I'm curious about what happens from here. Cliff, Jess, and Nicole seem to be together on one side, but Nick may still be pretending he's with Nicole and Cliff over the others. Jackson and Holly have no interest in sticking with the six. They had to pretend they did this week because Tommy was HoH. Next week, though? Will most of The House team up against Christie and Tommy? I wonder.

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