Mayans M.C. Star J.D. Pardo And More Talk Season 2 Expectations In Exclusive DVD Clip

Throughout its first ten episodes, Mayans M.C. proved itself to be a worthy successor – and not a replacement – to the flagship series Sons of Anarchy, delivering all the brotherhood, bikes, bruises and badassery that one would expect from a Kurt Sutter co-creation. The journey will soon continue for the Mayans and the Galindo cartel, with EZ, Angel and Felipe Reyes caught up in the dregs of the struggle. Should fans expect a more castrated and subdued Season 2 in the fall? Yeah right.

The Mayans M.C. The Complete First Season DVD set hit stores on August 20, with a selection of special features included. Below, you can check out an exclusive clip featuring stars J.D. Pardo and Clayton Cardenas talking about expectations for Season 2, which will be making its way to FX in the first week of September. Check it out!

That's right, the Mayans M.C. boys are just as apprehensively out of the loop as viewers are when it comes to what Kurt Sutter and Elgin James are cooking up with the show's writing staff. JD Pardo deserves to have some confidence about where EZ is going in the show's future, since he's being built up as the opposite of Jax Teller in many ways.

Of anything, JD Pardo said he wanted to see EZ's personality come to the surface more, since he's more at peace with his place in life and isn't caught up playing sides against each other. What if Season 2 is when fans find out that EZ has the best breakdancing skills in all of SoCal? (There weren't any breakdancing-related features on the DVD, but I'm looking for clues now.)

Clayton Cardenas, on the flip side of things, might have a bit more to worry about than JD Pardo does. Angel is the more impulsive and less learned Reyes brother, and he has the more strained relationship with Edward James Olmos' Felipe. So if Mayans M.C. is looking for some emotional gut punches, Angel will likely be the one on the receiving end. Unless he ends up becoming as beloved as Ryan Hurst's Opie Winston was on Sons of Anarchy, in which case Kurt Sutter will have hopefully learned from past mistakes.

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Not a whole lot is known about Season 2 just yet (although CinemaBlend has more exclusive coverage on the way). We know that Marcus Alvarez is now quite chummy with Miguel Galindo and his cartel, who is working with the rebellious Adelita, who is presumably still quite chummy (in a different way) with Angel. But fans no doubt want to know what other familiar and beloved characters might be making their way back to the franchise.

The (already) age-old question: "Will Jax Teller ever show up on Mayans M.C.?" It's not the most likely of circumstances, for all the obvious reasons, but Sons of Anarchy vet Emilio Rivera doesn't think it's impossible. The Season 1 premiere did feature a super-shocking cameo from Katey Sagal's Gemma Teller, so it seems like anything could happen, if Kurt Sutter and Elgin James find the right approach.

For instance, one of the biggest and most promising Sons of Anarchy character returns would involve Jimmy Smits' Nero. Theoretically, Nero would be a natural fit for a Mayans M.C. appearance without the need to keep bringing out SAMCRO members. The show should spread those out, even as it adds to the club's ranks while unraveling the story behind Happy's connection to the Reyes matriarch's death.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Mayans M.C. The Complete First Season DVD set, which is already out in stores and at online retailers. Beyond all 10 episodes of Season 1, fans can look forward to bonus features such as the more comprehensive behind-the-scenes extra "The Creation of Mayans M.C.," the motorcycle-minded featurette "Customizing the Mayans’ Signature Bikes," and "Hit the Ground Roaring," which highlights just how popular Mayans M.C. was during its first season on FX. Though the series' live airings could always use bigger audiences, the cable drama's DVR-driven delayed viewing stats made the spinoff's first season more successful than that of Sons of Anarchy, all things considered.

Mark your calendars for the presumably high-rated premiere of Mayans M.C. Season 2, which will hit FX on (Teller) Tuesday, September 3, at 10 p.m. ET.

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