Yellowstone Star Talks The 'Tear-jerking And Heartbreaking' Season 2 Finale Twist

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 finale of Yellowstone on Paramount.

Yellowstone came to an intense end with an emotional Season 2 finale that saw the twist many had been waiting for take place. Rip finally got acknowledged by the man he has looked up to since he was a teenager – John Dutton. In a tear-jerking moment in the finale, Beth read her father’s letter to Rip.

In it, John revealed that he was leaving his eldest son, Lee’s, house to his loyal right-hand man. How did Rip feel about the big moment? Cole Hauser explained his character’s emotions, telling Yellowstone’s Behind the Story featurette:

You know, I think he is just blown away and I think there's that kind of emotion to what John has done for him, and how much it means to Rip, but I think also you know, the beginning stages of it, her reading that letter, he's kind of confused by. . . Calling Rip his son, I think he's so taken aback, that he's like did I hear that? Did that really happen? And so I think, you know obviously he wants to hear it again and he realizes that he did call him. You know that was his you know just tearjerking and heartbreaking.

It really was! Earlier in Yellowstone Season 2, John had made Rip deal with a demotion of sorts. It was a move to make room for Kayce’s heightened role at the ranch. Rip, being the pro that he is, dealt with it like a champ. Even though he was still recovering from getting shot, Rip continued doing his duties at the Yellowstone.

That is where Beth found him to tell him the great news. It was another moving moment in a season finale filled with them. Rip’s loyalty and hard work finally got some spoken respect from John. The biggest thing being that John called Rip his “son.” Why does Cole Hauser think that Yellowstone fans love Rip? Hauser gave his perspective, saying:

There's a great line that Taylor [Sheridan] wrote is you know, "Today's as good as any day, sir." The intention behind that is that you've given me something that you know maybe I do deserve, maybe I don't deserve, but the consistency of Rip's character was why I love him. And I think why a lot of people love him is that he is that loyal human being that people just don't see anymore in this world.

Agreed! Rip’s loyalty is arguably his most standout quality. It is an attribute that Beth also admires. John finally giving Rip the respect he deserves in the Dutton family went over very well with Beth. The teaser for Season 3 revealed that Beth and Rip will continue to draw closer on Yellowstone. How close? Fans will have to keep watching.

They came a long way in Season 2 with Rip telling Beth that he loved her. It can only go up from here, even if I am a bit concerned about a particular Lost star’s new character. What do Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser think of Beth and Rip’s relationship? Reilly and Hauser shared their thoughts, saying:

Kelly Reilly: I love all my scenes with Cole [Hauser]. These two characters who are so broken and so wounded and so tough and with these tough exteriors. To now see their softness and their... How much this means to him and how much it means to her. It's starting to now be the most amazing love story.Cole Hauser: I mean she's [Kelly Reilly] fantastic so you know as that scene progresses and we walk up onto the porch, it was just a beautiful moment between the two of us.

It has been a long time since I have shipped a television coupling, at all, let alone this intensely. Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser have found that on-screen magic that eludes so many series. As a show, Yellowstone has a lot going for it. There is lots of drama, action, adventure, and endless intrigue.

Between Rip/Beth and Kayce/Monica, Yellowstone also has romance! It has not just one but two couples, worth rooting for. I got a lot of my Season 2 wishes answered, including more Rip, and him and Beth getting closer. Now, I have my sights set on the duo getting married. Three seasons is the charm, right? Right.

Yellowstone will return for a third season on Paramount Network. In the meantime, we will have to make do with this fall’s premieres.

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