Does Vampire Diaries' Matt Donovan Finally Become Mayor In Legacies Season 2?

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Will Matt Donovan finally fulfill his dream from The Vampire Diaries to become mayor of Mystic Falls? He ended The CW series as sheriff, but said he was thinking of running for mayor one day. Legacies Season 1, spinoff of the Vampire Diaries and The Originals, showed Matt in two early episodes as the sheriff of Mystic Falls. But now it's time for Legacies Season 2 and there's a new sheriff in town -- Sheriff Mac, whose name is a nod to a past Vampire Diaries sheriff. She's reportedly going to be a love interest for Alaric Saltzman, and her kids are in love with Hope Mikaelson (because, who isn't?).

So ... what happened to Matt?

To me, it would make sense to finally make Matt Donovan the Mayor of Mystic Falls. I don't know what's happening behind-the-scenes and if Zach Roerig is available for scenes or not. But I'd love to see that Vampire Diaries dream fulfilled. Even if we don't get to see him on screen for whatever reason, it would warm fans' hearts to just hear about Mayor Donovan.

Vampire Diaries first gave us Mayor Lockwood in Richard Lockwood, father of Tyler Lockwood, who was frenemies with Matt Donovan. 'Memba when Tyler and Matt got into fist-fight in Vampire Diaries Season 1? Good times! Carol Lockwood became mayor when her husband died.

Sheriff Matt Donovan Legacies Season 1 The CW

Anyway, Matt deserves some happiness in his story. He's had a rough life -- an initially absent dad, a now dead mom, a dead sister Vicki, and a dead fiancée Penny that he accidentally killed himself. Let him at least get to be mayor. It's not like the bar was set particularly high.

Matt could use a break as much as Alaric Saltzman. Speaking of Alaric, it sounds like there's good news and bad news for him.

During Comic-Con, Alaric actor Matthew Davis spewed all kinds of intel on what's ahead for Alaric in Legacies Season 2. It's still not clear how much of his Maybe/Maybe Not game we can believe, but it does seem like he was mostly dropping truth bombs. Sounds like the Salvatore School headmaster loses his job after Season 1 and goes to work at Mystic Falls High, with that mysterious new professor (played by an Angel and Buffy alum) possibly taking his spot at the Salvatore school.

However, it sounds like Matt Davis finally gets to fulfill his wish for Ric to get a love interest -- and here's hoping the new Sheriff Mac doesn't suffer the fate of his previous love interests.

Legacies established its own voice in The Vampire Diaries Universe in Season 1, but fans are still hoping for more Vampire Diaries and Originals crossovers. Julie Plec did hint to some Originals family members maybe showing up later in Legacies Season 2, if the stars align schedule-wise. Caroline Forbes-Salvatore should get another name-drop in the Season 2 premiere, but we won't see her that early. Will we ever see her? Stay tuned.

Don't forget that The Vampire Diaries is having a reunion convention in September, to honor The CW show's 10th anniversary. Yep, TVD premiered in September 2009, and many stars from Vampire Diaries and The Originals are gathering for an event to talk all about it.

The Legacies Season 2 premiere arrives for our viewing pleasure on Thursday, October 10 on The CW. Catch up on Legacies Season 1 now on Netflix. Here's more about what's ahead in Season 2.

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