Is Rick And Morty Bringing Evil Morty Back In Season 4?

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Is Rick and Morty bringing Evil Morty back in Season 4? A tweet from the Emmy-winning series’ official account heavily hints at the character’s return. In a graphic that shows a lot of Morty, one image of him stands out.

In one of the Morty faces, red and blue cords are descending from his eye. There is also the caption, which reads “Black and white and dread all over.” The word “dread” replaces “red” from the well-known riddle. Get an eyeful of Evil Morty via Rick and Morty’s tweet below:

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If Evil Morty is back, what will he be up to? In Rick and Morty Season 3, Evil Morty was elected as president of the Citadel of Ricks. Knowing the truth about Evil Morty, his campaign manager tried to stop his rise to power. Campaign Manager Morty’s efforts failed.

After his election, Evil Morty killed all of the Ricks in his cabinet, who insisted that they would still call the shots in the Citadel during Evil Morty’s presidency. Those who agreed to work with Evil Morty were spared. With the dawn of his tyrannical rule in full force, Rick and Morty has a lot to handle in the aftermath.

What does the clue in the caption mean? Is there a reason Evil Morty’s cords are hanging out? Also note that while every other Morty wears the same expression, the version with his cords showing has a different one. What, if anything, does this foretell with Evil Morty? Tune in and find out.

Rick and Morty will return for its fourth season later this fall. Fans have been awaiting Season 4 for a while now. The Adult Swim series last aired a new episode at the beginning of October 2017. It will return a little over two years from then in November 2019.

Knowing that Evil Morty will likely be back will undoubtedly add to fans’ curiosity regarding the show’s return. Rick and Morty has amassed a devoted following in its three seasons. In a sign of its success, it has a well-known catchphrase to its credit.

While waiting for the series to return, the creators have remained active, sharing their thoughts on Game of Thrones’ final season. In case you wanted to watch them, Rick and Morty has also shared its Pickle Rick outtakes.

As fans await the return of the series that CinemaBlend’s Mick Joest named one of the 10 best Adult Swim shows ever, anticipation continues to build. As of a few months ago, there was still a chance that a Kanye West/Rick and Morty collaboration could happen.

Fans have a while left to contemplate what Evil Morty’s possible return could mean for Rick and Morty. The good news is that save falling into another dimension, viewers are closer than ever to Season 4’s premiere.

Rick and Morty will return for Season 4 in November on Cartoon Network as part of Adult Swim. That's a date that puts the series returning among this fall’s premieres.

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