Big Brother Spoilers: Are Holly And Jackson The New Underdogs?

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SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

As our beloved Chenbot always says, you have to "expect the unexpected" on Big Brother. Big Brother 21 now has me rooting for problematic Jackson Michie and the other Luke P. of The Bachelorette's ex-girlfriend Holly Allen to last longer than several other houseguests. I did not expect that.

The Big Brother 21 Week 7 eviction under Tommy Bracco's HOH is pretty much set. It's a bummer either way, even if there's a last second flip (which seems unlikely) before the Thursday, August 15 vote. So most of the live feeds conversations in the 2019 house have been about what's next. Everyone is running scenarios for who wins the next Head of Household, who they would nominate, and who they'd target. The threat of a double eviction is in the air, and everyone wants to be on the right side of that vote.

Jackson and Holly were pushing to keep Kathryn Dunn over Cliff Hogg III this week. It's true that Holly and Kat already knew each other before Big Brother, and that's now the "rumor" floating around the house. It hurt Kat's game, and it may keep hurting Holly and Jackson. (Meanwhile, Tommy and Christie have wisely kept their mouths shut about their connection.)

My favorites in the Big Brother house right now are Cliff's Angels -- Nicole Anthony, Kat, Jessica Milagros, and Cliff, in that order. We're losing Kat or (if there's a surprise change) Cliff this week.

Nick Maccarone has been making his side moves and he's close to Nicole and Cliff. He's been pushing for a new six -- Nick, Cliff, Nicole, and members of the former Six Shooters alliance, Tommy, Analyse Talavera, and even Christie.

It sounds like Tommy wants to stay good with the remainders of The Six Shooters plus Nick -- Tommy, Christie, Sis, Jackson, Holly, and Nick.

However, Christie and Jackson are pretty far gone as far as allies are concerned. Jackson and Holly are playing nice this week because Tommy is HoH, but they wanted Christie gone. The Cliff's Angels side also wanted to target Tommy and Christie before Tommy won HoH. So Tommy has made it clear that he's spending his HoH week building alliances and making deals to cover his own butt in the near future and getting to the end. Will he decide to cut ties with Christie sooner rather than later, since houseguests have not been subtle about mentioning she is a target? Then again, Christie is the perfect shield for everyone on that side. They can throw her under the bus first, once it comes down to just them.

Tommy doesn't want to burn Holly and Jackson and potentially lose their jury votes if he gets to the end. But it does look like Holly and Jackson are the new easy targets for the house. Nick has talked about putting Jess and Holly up on the block, with Jess as his target -- he's obsessed with the gender dynamic, and making sure a woman leaves next instead of a man -- but otherwise it seems like a new majority is forming with Jackson and Holly on the outside. Jess is on the outside too, and I think Christie is still a main target in the house, it's just not being spoken too loudly this week since Tommy is HoH and no one knows who'll be the next HoH.

A lot is riding on the next HoH this Thursday. If it's Christie, well, she'd almost certainly put up Jackson and Holly, with Jackson as the target. She's too close to Jess to target her, even if one comes down, but would the rest of the house want to take out Jess because she's close to Christie (as well as Nicole and Cliff)? Nick already seems to be eager to evict Jess. I think Christie has some lingering distrust for Cliff, but if Tommy makes a deal with Cliff, she might honor it. She owes Tommy at this point.

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Back to Nick, though. Even though he supposedly picked his side, because he thinks the Tommy side is stronger, he's still doing his both sides tricks and everybody sees it. One thing that may hurt Nicole is if she's considered too close to Nick, and The Rest Of The House wants to find a way to weaken Nick. Or they may want to break up the Cliff/Nicole/Jess friendship. Nicole has yet to win a comp, so she may be seen as the least threatening. Nick is also getting very close to Sis -- like, closer than Bella Wang might like.

So we've reached an interesting section of the season (thank god) and I could see things going a dozen different ways depending on who wins HoH this Thursday, August 15. But because Jackson and Holly seem to be safe choices for the next nominees or targets, I'm kinda hoping we get a Jackson or Holly HoH to target Christie or Tommy. I was shocked to find myself rooting for Jackson to win Veto this week to keep the nominations the same and evict Christie. I wish it had worked.

As tired as I am of Christie, and as much as I see Tommy as a threat to win Big Brother 21, whoever targets Nick now gets my stan card. I'd LOVE to see Nick's both sides shenanigans exposed. If Kat were still around, I bet she'd do it. But sadly, she's leaving.

Who do you want to see as the next HoH, and who do you want to see targeted for eviction? Keep up with everything in the house with the live feeds.

Big Brother 2019 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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