Yellowstone Star Invokes Game Of Thrones To Get Fans Pumped For Season 3

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Yellowstone star, Cole Hauser, just invoked Game of Thrones to get fans pumped for Season 3! Production on the third season of the smash hit is underway, and although fans are thirsty for new content, the good news is Cole Hauser isn't above sharing a look from the set. In fact, as we wait for the show to premiere, Hauser (who plays fan-favorite Rip) shared a picture from Yellowstone with a caption that included one of Game of Thrones’ famous catchphrases.

Think you know which one it is? There are actually more quotable options from Game of Thrones than you might initially guess, but the one Cole Hauser invoked is one of the more obvious ones having to do with winter. Without further ado, here is the Instagram post from the Yellowstone stars.

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Who else has so many thoughts right now? First of all, Cole Hauser mentions he woke up on a horse. Not sure what that plotline entails, but having to be on horseback is something the Game of Thrones cast can undoubtedly relate to Yellowstone’s ensemble with. What does Hauser’s “winter is coming” reference mean, though?

It would be tough to interpret the phrase literally. Television can make some magic happen; however, making “winter” happen in September would require quite a bit of said magic. Plus, Yellowstone’s first two seasons took place in pretty close chronological order. Yellowstone left off in the fall/winter, which should mean it will theoretically return in the spring/summer -- although the snow-y nature of this post may belie that a bit.

A Game of Thrones reference could also refer to the events that transpire in Yellowstone Season 3. There have been hints along those lines. More on that in a minute.

Is something terrible going to happen on Yellowstone? A shocking death, perhaps? I wouldn't be shocked if there were a significant turning of the tide in the works for Season 3. Game of Thrones was known for shocking twists that tended to haunt fans’ favorite characters, so if we're keeping these comparisons up, why not speculate that's where the Paramount network series is going?

Could the same thing happen on Yellowstone? It certainly has not shied away from brutal twists in the past. Season 3 could see the continued rise of them. So far, the third season has been teased with the considerable highlight of Rip and Beth’s relationship continuing to grow.

Interestingly, it is not the first time that Game of Thrones has gotten brought up when it comes to Yellowstone. The series’ co-creator, Taylor Sheridan, mentioned it when discussing the upcoming season.

In doing so, Taylor Sheridan indicated there are Yellowstone characters who are not exactly who they seem. Yet, I doubt that pertains to Cole Hauser’s Rip in any way. He is one of the most direct characters on the show, and one of the most loyal. After the moving way Yellowstone left Rip’s story off recently, I'm hopeful good times should be ahead.

There are a lot of new characters joining the show in Season 3, and they should bring their share of excitement to things. Along with them, there are the lingering mysteries that Yellowstone has yet to reveal the answers to. Stay tuned!

Yellowstone Season 3 will eventually premiere on Paramount Network. In a bid to attempt to cope with the wait, check out this fall’s premieres.

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