Can Anybody Beat Kodi Lee On America's Got Talent?

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Spoilers ahead for the September 17 episode of America's Got Talent.

America's Got Talent is very nearly done with Season 14, and ahead of the results show it's hard to imagine this season ends any other way than with singer Kodi Lee standing tall as the winner. Lee has been on fire since his first audition, and hasn't taken his foot off the gas ever since.

Things were no different on the final performance night either as Kodi Lee took the stage and delivered yet another tear-jerking performance that brought the audience and judges to their feet and likely left other contestants wondering if they'll ever top him. Check out his rendition of Freya Ridings "Lost Without You," and be sure to have some tissues ready for when the tears start flowing.

Kodi Lee went up there and made himself a highlight of the night in what has been one of America's Got Talent's best finale performance nights to date. As usual, he delivered a memorable performance that seemed just as effortless as the one prior. He exudes talent and is a clear frontrunner in what has been a Season 14 stacked with talent. Early indication on social media is that Lee got a ton of votes from viewers, but does that mean his win this season is all but assured?

If YouTube views are any indicator of who's in the lead, Kodi Lee is in danger of losing this competition by a very wide margin. The top view count of the night's performances currently belongs to V. Unbeatable, who have also been hyped as an immensely popular act since their debut. Beyond that, Lee's performance is 1000 views from being de-throned from second place by the Detroit Youth Choir, so this still could be a tight race.

Now, just because Kodi Lee and others are being outviewed by V. Unbeatable on YouTube doesn't mean those viewers are voting on the winner of the competition. With that being said, it does seem like this finale will come down to the international dance crew and the singing sensation who hopes to use his winnings on a very colorful piano. Both teams deserve it, but which one will come out on top once the voting ends?

Maybe neither, and one of the many kid acts will persevere? Let's not downplay any of the other remaining acts either. Even Simon Cowell agreed this was one of the strongest finale nights he had ever been a part of on America's Got Talent. Was it the new judges and host that brought out the best in these acts, or is this show just going to continue to improve every season?

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The question of who will win America's Got Talent Season 14 will be revealed on NBC Wednesday, September 18 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for the results, and for the latest news on what should be a very entertaining season of fall television.

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