The Masked Singer Just Revealed The Final Season 2 Contestant At The Emmys

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Fox had control of the 71st Primetime Emmys, which meant the network was able to work in some nice promotion for its fall lineup ahead of the official primetime kickoff this week. With that in mind, the network revealed that one additional costumed contestant from The Masked Singer would be revealed on the glamorous night. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to reveal the costume was fashioned after a giant naked golden person holding a sphere, but instead, we got The Ladybug.

While the statue costume would have been on brand, there's no denying The Ladybug made quite a present. She wasn't as well-dressed as some of the celebrities in attendance during the big night, but still looked quite stunning. Check her out below spreading her wings and striking a pose for the camera on the Emmys red carpet ahead of one of the biggest nights on television.

The Ladybug The Masked Singer

The Ladybug's outfit is a ball gown of sorts and, in a bit of a twist, it's primarily red with gold polka dots scattered throughout the dress, between the larger spotted wings. The extra arms of the contestant flow down from the dress, and the bulk of the face resembles a hood I'm guessing to leave the face primarily mesh for optimal singing. If the end up being a bad singer, they'll have no excuses!

The best part of the costume on The Ladybug, in my opinion, has to be the Daft Punk-esque helmet . There's been some pretty great costumes shown ahead of Season 2, and this one certainly ranks among the best. It's weird-looking, like Ice Cream and Thingamajig, but also has a bit of class injected to it to the point that it almost looks stylish and cool...right? Does that describe anyone in Hollywood who may be underneath that mask?

So now that the final singer has been revealed, who could The Ladybug be? Did she (or possibly even he) get revealed at the Emmys because they're a part of the television world? My guess is it isn't anyone who was up for an award, as that would call for a rather quick costume change. Most Grammy winners outside of the TV circuit probably don't need to be at this particular award show, so perhaps this is a famous singer? We need more clues!

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Any early guesses on The Ladybug's identity? Drop all theories in the comments below and be sure to tune in for the Season 2 premiere of The Masked Singer on Fox Wednesday, September 25 at 8:00 p.m. ET. As always continue to stick with CinemaBlend during the fall season for all the latest and greatest updates in television and movies.

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