Vikings Season 6: Why Rollo's Paternity Claim Can't Break Bjorn's 'Powerful Bond' With Lagertha

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Rollo dropped a paternity twist on Bjorn last season on Vikings. He confirmed a long-standing theory. Bjorn could be his biological son and not his nephew. What, if any, impact will the revelation have on Bjorn’s relationship with Lagertha? It is something worth considering as the series heads into Season 6, especially with Vikings Season 5 Volume 2 Blu-rays and DVDs coming out on October 8.

After a considerable time away from Kattegat, Ragnar’s brother showed up to reveal that he could be Bjorn’s biological father. Hence, the probable motivation for his return. The revelation rippled throughout the undercurrent of Vikings’ previous season with the potential of being felt in Season 6. Despite his best attempts to sway them, Rollo went away without Bjorn or Lagertha.

Is it the last viewers have seen of him? Rollo's future in Season 6 is a question mark. Bjorn’s relationship with his mother is not one. How does learning Rollo could be his biological father affect Bjorn’s relationship with his mother moving forward? Speaking with CinemaBlend in connection with the Vikings Season 5 Volume 2 set, creator Michael Hirst told me:

Well, you know, as you can see when Bjorn is told that he basically dismisses it. He doesn't. . . say that it couldn't be true. But he says that whatever Rollo says that Ragnar was his true father in the sense of, you know Ragnar brought him up, that Ragnar claimed him for a son, and that he believed deep down that he has the spiritual ability with Ragnar and not with Rollo. So, I don't think that it particularly impacts on his relationship with his mother, Lagertha.

As Michael Hirst says, Ragnar fully embraced Bjorn as his child. After years of hinting, the verbal confirmation that Rollo could be Bjorn’s biological father came well into Vikings’ run. At the time of Rollo confirming the paternity mystery, Bjorn did not act as though he was completely thrown for a loop by it.

Throughout Vikings’ previous season, Bjorn continued to stay the course to get Ivar off the throne of Kattegat. This, after Ivar had succeeded in defeating Lagertha. Bjorn ultimately succeeded in taking the throne away from Ivar. Going into Season 6, Bjorn has the chance to ensure that Ragnar’s legacy will be continued and realized.

As for Bjorn’s relationship with his mom, it does not sound like learning that he may not be the biological son of Ragnar after all will impact it. Turning to the depth of their relationship, Vikings’ creator Michael Hirst continued, saying:

I think that Bjorn’s relationship with Lagertha is the deepest relationship he has with another woman. I think he loves his mother. He chose to go with his mother when she left Ragnar. He is always looking to support her, fight for her, even when he was a boy, he wanted to fight for her, and he’ll never give up on that. . . It’s not that he’s simply dutiful. He has a very very strong, powerful bond with Lagertha, which nothing can break.

Nothing can break their bond! It is a sweet and assuring thing to know from Vikings’ creator as Season 6 gets underway. Lagertha and Bjorn’s relationship has been a wonderfully special one on the series. They have seen each other through many difficult times. They have gone into battle together and overcome tremendous emotional upheaval.

Vikings: Season 5 Volume 2, releasing October 8, will be more than enough for fans to get hooked on while waiting for new episodes to hit History. Both the Blu-ray and DVD contain extended versions of all ten episodes, which will be accompanied by The Creator's Audio Commentary from Michael Hirst and star Gustaf Skarsgard. Beyond that, there are some deleted scenes – check one out right now – and two big featurettes centering on Ragnar's sons, as well as the King and Bishop.

Considering all of that, it was a particularly poignant moment when Lagertha, once the Queen of Kattegat, declared her son king, and Season 6 will undoubtedly see mother and son endure more trying times ahead. Info about the upcoming season hints at foreboding developments. No matter what happens, Lagertha and Bjorn should have each other’s backs.

After picking up Vikings Season 5 Volume 2 up on October 8, you'll be able to keep waiting for a premiere date for Season 6, which has not been announced yet. In true Vikings style, the show will sail onto History, eventually. While waiting, there will be a lot of fall premieres making their way to air.

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